Yoga For Endometriosis

By: - Yoga - August 8, 2011
yoga for endometriosis

A serious issue that affects millions of women in America today is that of endiometriosis.  Mainly affecting women who are anywhere between thirty and forty years old, the symptoms and degrees of pain from endiometriosis vary from being virtually non existant to the extreme.  What cause this condition isn’t fully known or understood by medical researchers but there have been some advances in treatment that will alleviate many of the symptoms associated with it.

Hormonal treatments in conjunction with acupunctural therapy has done an amazing part in reducing the painful symptoms that are typical for those that suffer from endiometriosis.  Symptoms of this condition are lower back pain, abdominal cramps, painful bouts during sexual intercourse, bowel movements, urination are just a few.  Mainly the characteristics of endrometrosis is the growth of cells outside of the uterus that are found typically inside the uterus.  These mirror cells will implant themselves onto tissues within the reproductive area of the woman’s body, many times onto the fallopian tubes, the bladder, the cervix, the exterior of the uterus, the intestines,  and the lining of the pelvic cavity.

What makes endrometrosis so painful is that unlike the cells inside the uterus that can be flushed each month during the menstral cycle, these cells cannot be flushed.  Instead, they remain in the body where they are absorbed into the physiology and become present in other more distant areas.  Endrometrosis at that point will attach themselves to tissues throughout the body in areas like the lungs, the head and the arms.  Most alarming of all is that these cells, while not benign, can create an impediment against conception for those who have an idea toward becoming pregnant.  While endrometrosis will not entirely inhibit the capacity to become pregnant, the implants that grow onto the tissue surrounding the  fallopian tubes will produce a kind of toxin to which the egg must first pass through on its way to encounter the sperm.  This toxin will cover the egg and thereby form a barrier to which the sperm cannot pass through to fertilize.

Another alternative form of therapy to regulate, manage and reduce the painful symptoms associated with endrometrosis is yoga for endometriosis. It has been recognized as a great way to reduce and eliminate the symptoms of this condition.  Those that incorporate yoga for endometriosis into their lifestyle do so on top of taking other forms of treatment such as medications, and acupuncture.  Yoga is seen as a viable option to bring balance between both mind and body and it has good potential to help those who suffer from other conditions as well such as arthritis,  cancer, back pain, depression, fibromyalgia, AIDS, diabetes and migraine headaches or just simple mind and body fitness.  Yoga for endrometriosis is thought to reduce the painful symptoms of the condition by assisting the area in the brain that registers pain to bring back some stabilization to the mechanism located within the spinal cord that controls the neuro pathways.  As well, yoga for endrometriosis helps the brain to release the body’s natural painkiller dopamine inhibitor which are released into the physiology.  Through the use of various postures and breathing styles, yoga for endrometriosis will affect more relaxation, reduction in stress and tension.  With a focus too on breathing techniques and relaxation exercises yoga has been able to facilitate an easier management of the condition.  Those that wish to pursue this line of alternative therapy can also maintain a healthy diet retain a steady consultation with medical professionals to monitor the progress.

So as you can see, traditional medical techniques performed in conjuction with regular diet and consultation with your family physician is certainly an angle that many are indulging in with plenty of positive benefits toward successful management and treatment of an otherwise painful and damaging condition.

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