Yerba Mate Benefits - Use This Tea For Weight Loss And Other Ailments

Yerba Mate Benefits – Use This Tea For Weight Loss And Other Ailments

By: - Weight Loss - July 14, 2011
yerba mate benefits %E2%80%93 use this tea for weight loss and other ailments

If you’re like many people, you may be struggling with your weight in trying to lose some pounds or keep yourself from gaining weight in the first place.  For those people, yerba mate benefits for appetite suppressant and for weight loss cannot be underestimated.  You can feel full and have fewer cravings if you drink a tea made from this native holly plant.  Drinking yerba mate tea can also help bolster one’s immune system, control blood pressure, and improve your overall cancer fighting abilities as well.

How It Works For Weight Loss

Those who drink yerba mate tea may find that they have fewer cravings for starchy and sugary foods, which in turn means being able to control one’s weight.  The chemical properties in the tea regulate one’s blood sugar which means fewer cravings for sugary foods; when you’re blood sugar is low, your body craves sugary or starchy foods to raise it again.  However, these foods are just empty calories that help to pack on the pounds.  Drinking this tea can also help to make you feel fuller longer, which in turn means less snacking between meals and better portion control when you do eat.

It’s important to note that you don’t need to drink an excessive amount of this tea for weight loss or weight control.  Most find that a cup during the day, usually between lunch and dinner, is best for them.  This is because most people have cravings at this time of day and start to snack between these meals, sometimes even mindlessly.  You can enjoy those yerba mate benefits if you simply have it in moderation, so don’t worry if you’re not much of a tea drinker to begin with.

However, it’s also good to note that the more liquid you have in your system, the better you typically are at maintaining a healthy weight and with weight loss.  Water in all forms will help you to feel full and to flush out your system; you cannot absorb nutrients from your food when you’re dehydrated and when the body doesn’t get the nutrition it needs, it may create hunger pangs simply to get more food and then more nutrients.  Hydration also feeds your muscles and helps with blood circulation.  These too assist anyone that is looking to keep their weight under control.

Other Benefits For One’s Immune System And Blood Pressure:

It’s believed that drinking yerba mate tea can help with blood pressure regulation, as the chemical properties help to keep a person calm.  Warm liquids have this calming effect on anyone, but of course you want to avoid caffeine in those liquids as well.  Those who are looking to have something other than coffee, which may spike their blood pressure, may find this tea to be a good substitute.

There are also many antioxidant properties in this tea which means the body’s immune system is bolstered, keeping you healthier overall.  Antioxidants help to fight free radicals, which are considered to be harmful cells and agents in the body.  These free radicals are thought to weaken the immune system as it needs to work hard to control them and the damage they may do, so when you ingest antioxidants, you are helping your own immune system to do its job.  While you would never want to ignore your doctor’s advice or substitute a tea for prescription medication, it’s true that the more you can do to boost your body’s immune system, the better able you are to fight off all illnesses, large and small.

The antioxidant properties and yerba mate benefits are especially good to consider in the cold winter months when the body is already working harder to keep itself healthy.  An occasional cup of this tea can not only make you feel warmer during these months, it can help to keep you stronger as well.  So whether you’re looking to shed some pounds or need help in maintaining a healthy weight, or you simply want to do what you can to keep yourself as healthy as possible, it’s good to consider this tea.  There are many benefits it offers for everyone no matter their current health condition.