Xxy Genetic Disorder

Understanding Weird Disorders

By: - Medicine - September 21, 2011
xxy genetic disorder understanding weird disorders

XXY genetic disorder, or as it is more commonly known as Klinehelter’s Syndrome, is a sex chromosome problem that effects only the male population.  First, let us discuss very briefly just what the typical male genetic makeup is versus that of the typical female genetic makeup.  The chromosomal composite of the human male is XY, whereas the chromosomal composites are XX.  Now it occasionally occurs that the male will have not only an XY chromosome, but an extra X chromosome, which thus becomes known as Klinehelter’s syndrome or XXY.  Certain physical traits that are exclusively that of the female are present in some small or large manner on the human male.  This is a class of weird genetic disorders that can range from something very subtle as larger nipples to well pronounced breasts on men.

There are two manners of determining the xxy genetic disorder in the male population and other weird genetic disorders. The first is done through a blood screening process and the other is done by testing fetal tissue that is drawn from the mother during pregnancy.  There are a number of symptoms by which XXY genetic disorder disease can be identified and not all are physical characteristics.  To a certain extent, there may be an impairment of language learning processes and effective reading skills.  A process of neurological testing will reveal the presence of a shortage of the executive function however these can be mitigated so long as it is identified early enough and treated well enough. This and on top of problems with fine motor functioning can make the symptoms of XXY genetic disorder and other weird genetic disorders rather difficult to deal with and quite debilitating.  One such serious issue is not only that the male who is affected having a small penis and testicle, but he may also display some typically female issues such as breast cancer and osteoporosis.  Treatment of the xxy genetic disorder and other weird genetic disorders is that of a simple testosterone therapy in order to enhance a typically male identity.

The problems associated with these weird genetic disorders can be reversed.  Discussion with your doctor will determine the best course of action which can also involve psychological treatment to deal with depression or anxiety.

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