Xbox Live Wireless Adapter

– No More Wires?

By: - Consumer Electronics - April 6, 2011
xbox live wireless adapter

For those who play the Xbox 360, the option of playing online with other players is a real advantage. Users can connect to online servers from anywhere in the world and play games with other Xbox LIVE subscribers. However, connecting the Xbox 360 to an internet connection requires an Ethernet cable. But, most of the people have now begun to use Wi Fi connectivity, which means that you cannot connect your Xbox to the internet unless you have an Xbox Live wireless adapter.

The Xbox Live wireless adapter can be purchased from the market separately, and is generally designed for usage with an Xbox 360 console. All you have to do is set up the adapter and connect it to one of the USB ports in your Xbox 360 (there are two). After that, you must wait for the Xbox to detect your Xbox USB adapter. Once the Xbox 360 detects your wireless connector, you must wait for the connector to detect your Wi Fi connection.

Given that there is more than one connection that is detectable by your Xbox live wireless adapter, a list of all the connections would be displayed on the screen when you begin to connect to Xbox Live. After that, you can easily choose whichever connection you wish to connect with, and establish your connection to join up on Xbox Live. The Xbox USB adapter works perfectly well with any previous edition of the Xbox 360, because now, the Xbox Kinect Ready slim versions come equipped with a Wi Fi adapter itself.

However, if you wish to connect your Xbox 360 Arcade, Go Pro or Xbox 360 Elite without any Ethernet cable, using the Xbox Live wireless adapter is the only option. You can easily get this Xbox usb adapter from the market or from any other shopping source, or you can also buy the Xbox Usb adapter from the internet. There is only one wireless adapter that is available for the Xbox 360, and this adapter is able to connect with all versions of the Xbox 360. You can also buy the same wireless connector from the internet as well, and the Xbox 360 official website also has this adapter up for sale as an extra product. When you buy the Xbox 360 console, you do not get the adapter with it, and you must buy it separately if you wish to connect your Xbox without any wires.