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x ray tech salary realistic expectations

For those planning a career after getting their x ray tech degree, experience greatly governs the level of x ray tech salary that a person will get.  Literally this translates to years of experience and the number of x ray procedures that a tech can handle with the greatest of ease as to how little of how much they will earn.  So, let us find out what you could make.

Each state generally has its own slight variations for an x ray tech salary in relation to the basic x ray tech degree and the combination of that degree and hands on experience.  Obviously as you read this you will have a general idea what an x ray technician does for a living and you have no doubt been in the caring hands of one at least once so far in your lifetime.  Not only do they handle x rays, but can handle many other procedures related to radiology.  If you have been pregnant, you may have had an ultrasound.  If you had a broken bone, a simple x ray may have been taken.  However, contrary to popular opinion, x ray techs are not making huge amounts of money in many cases.  According to gathered data from the ASRT or American Society of Radiologic Technologists, five percent of the bottom rung techs will make below $30,000 US based on limited experience and basic education and skills.  At the opposite end of the scale, x ray techs who have been practicing their craft for years and have substantial experience, education and skills will make potentially over $90,000 US annually.  In Ohio state, the higher paid techs get the national average, which generally is considerably lower, hovering at between $45,000 US and $50,000 US yearly.  The median for the entire country is about $58,065 US.

For a person with an x ray tech degree, who is just beginning their career, having under two years of general experience, the expected x ray tech salary runs around $36,918 US nationally and annually.  Those in the chief tech level may get around $42,768 US and senior techs average around $48,331 US.  X ray tech program directors are usually the best paid, grossing about $54,290 US.  However, for example, in the state of New York, the average salary runs at about $57,000.  From an hourly perspective, x ray techs in the US can earn between $15.27 and $23.23 per hour with overtime pay running between $22.13 and $34.26 per hour.  Generally annual x ray tech bonuses range between $200 and $1,025 with profit sharing ranging between $992 and $4,034 each year.  Unfortunately, where you live and work makes a substantial difference to your salary as an x ray tech, so these are merely averages.  Texas hourly rates with a basic certification range from $13.27 to $21.36, much higher compared to a tech in Florida who only makes between $11 and $17.31 hourly.  Californian techs also fair in the lower range with hourly rates going from $16.61 to $25.43.  But are all employers equal?

Within the x ray industry, salaries per hour can literally change according to the employer.  In general healthcare, techs expect to earn between $15 and $23.50 hourly.  In the medical services sector, it runs between $15.70 and $23.30 hourly.  Orthopedic surgery sectors pay x ray techs between $15.60 and $23 per hour.  Hospitals are amongst the highest payers of hourly rates to x ray techs, averaging between $15.80 and $23.40 hourly.

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