Wrecking Balm Scam

Successful Removal Or Not?

By: - Skin Care - August 30, 2011
wrecking balm scam successful removal or not

There are a lot of people who have gone out with their friends on a dare or on impulse and gotten a tattoo, only to realize after a period of time that perhaps this impulsivity was more a regret that they very well could live with for the rest of their lives.  There is, of course laser surgery, a process by which the tattoos are literally burned off of the skin but there is also another treatment on the market called Wrecking Balm that is reported to actually cause the tattoos to fade over a period of time.  Many who hear of this treatment will ask, ‘does wrecking balm tattoo removal work better than the hassle of laser surgery, or is it, as many others maintain nothing else other than that this stuff is but the wrecking balm scam.

Lets consider the facts.  Those who maintain that this is nothing better than the wrecking balm scam say that the facts that allude to the success of this cream are fraudulent report that as many as seventy-two applications were done over the same area in accordance to the directions supplied by the manufacturer, only to have little, if no effect at all.  These people have said in some of the wrecking balm reviews when asked if wrecking balm tattoo removal work, that the difference they noticed was little, if anything at all.  Some said that the area developed a severe redish patch of dried skin that after a time healed revealing no difference at all but that the tattoo looked more defined, rather than faded.  A mere ten percent of people surveyed said that they were really happy with this balm, while more than sixty percent said that it did nothing but irritate the tissue, heal and then show absolutely no result at all.

While laser surgery can be several thousand dollars more than this balm it is a better alternative to what many call a wrecking balm scam.  When you ask, does wrecking balm tattoo really work, the answer is a conclusive no, however a minimal few have stated a total satisfaction of the product, in spite of the majority of those surveyed that the opposite is true.  As many of the ingredients that are within this balm can be purchased at your local drug store for a substantially lower price, however it yields nothing satisfactory to assist you with the reduction and elimination of that unwanted tattoo.

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