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Giving Fashionable Comfort

By: - Shoes - July 4, 2011
wolky shoes giving fashionable comfort

Many people are wondering about Wolky shoes.  Are they as good as they have heard? Are they just another gimmick in the shoe industry to make you spend your money? This Wolky shoes review will show that clearly they are a new and quality type of footwear that are worth having a look at.  Most importantly, they are a medium end shoe with a low end price, making them very appealing even to fashion obsessed teenagers.

Wolky shoes were originally developed and created in the 1980s.  They were the comfort and style of the average person, even if they were a little more pricey for far from fashionable footwear.  In fact, as this Wolky shoes review will show, they were never designed to be a major fashion icon, but a practical addition to any wardrobe for men or women.  As such the first line was a natural one, developed as sandals for the original owner until 1989 when he added in memory foam and cork for the most comfortable sandal ever produced.  Years later, being so successful, he brought out another innovative line of shoes, ones where the owners could literally remove and replace the insoles without having to throw them out once the insoles wore out.  The lines that were created were designed not only for comfort, but to last.

Wolky shoes extended into eighteen different lines that spanned across all seasons, able to provide customers with footwear for all types of weather.  Not only could men and women enjoy sandals, but now they had a broad selection of boots, walking style boots, high-heeled shoes and clogs.  However, this was not the end for the company as this Wolky shoes review clearly shows.  The company was also in the forefront of environmental consciousness, setting an example within the shoe industry with its use of environmentally safe materials.  Leathers are not tanned with chemicals or other harmful items as many shoes and boots are still today.  They avoid the use of even vegetable type extracts.  As such, the shoes and boots are amongst the most eco friendly the world has ever seen.

With outlets now in many European countries, the company has expanded its interests into Mexico, putting that country far ahead of even the most modern North American countries.  However, if you are worried about not finding the lines here, many stores are now introducing them and even if you cannot get them in your local shoe store yet, you can buy them without any issues online through the company website and enjoy delivery no matter where you are in the world.

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