Wisdom Teeth Symptoms

Dealing With An Infection

By: - Health & Fitness - September 13, 2011
wisdom teeth symptoms dealing with an infection

No one actually prefers to see a dentist for the fear of what the outcome could possibly be especially when confronted with the fact that you have a wisdom tooth infection at hand.  Although the wisdom teeth symptoms can range from the mild to the severe, it is important that oral health be addressed irrespective of your aversion to discomfort or pain to ensure against complications that could very well lead to possible hospitalization and irreversible damage.

In most situations, wisdom teeth symptoms don’t cause a lot of problems and are mainly without pain or discomfort of any kind.  However, that being said, the absence of pain or discomfort doesn’t mean that there aren’t any problems that are going on.  The appearance of wisdom teeth can impact the remainder of your teeth and cause some significant damange to the gums and to the teeth themselves.  That is why you should be on the lookout for some wisdom teeth symptoms to ensure against wisdom tooth infection.

  • Trismus is a condition in which wisdom tooth infection has reached a point to where you cannot fully open your mouth without feeling pain.
  • The presence of bad breath could also be an indication that there is some wisdom tooth infection suggesting that you visit your dentist as soon as possible
  • Gums that appear swollen is a common issue with wisdom tooth infection and suggests the wisdom tooth that has become impacted.  This wisdom tooth symptom has the potential to inflict a very high rate of pain.
  • An jaw that demonstrates a stiffness of sorts is an indication that the infection has in fact spread to the jaw bone and surrounding area.  This is extremely dangerous and suggestive of serious and immediate medical attention.

A failure to address concerns about your oral health could lead to serious consequences to your oral health and even to your life should the infection generated from wisdom teeth infection get into the blood stream.  The options to wisdom teeth being in your mouth and the troubles that they can create if they grown in crooked or out the side of the gum are to simply have them removed as the trouble the can cause are immense and sometimes serious.

These are some of the wisdom teeth symptoms and resultant wisdom tooth infections that will be the hall marks of larger issues that you should be on the lookout for both for yourself and for your family.  Regular checkups and a consistent self examination of your mouth will reveal no problems should you take care to check and maintain good oral health and awareness.

Photo: wisdom tooth – public domain photo – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Impacted_wisdom_teeth.jpg