Wireless Surround Speakers

The Next Generation In Sound?

By: - Consumer Electronics - April 6, 2011
wireless surround speakers

Wireless surround speakers hit the market only recently, and these types of speakers have become hugely famous in their short history. Speakers are synonymous with sound cables and wires, and generally, you require two connections to be paired with your speakers if you wish to hear any sound from them. The first connection should be established in the power socket, while the second connection should be made with the sound cable to the media playing device. For many people, this generally results in a mess of wires and a tangle is created more than often, which is one of the reasons that have propelled wireless surround speakers and made them so famous.

If you wish to create a wireless environment without any excess of wires hanging around as well as get surround sound, opting for wireless surround speakers would be a great choice. There are several companies that manufacture such speakers, namely Zoltrix, Sony, A4Tech, Pioneer, Logitech and various others. Because it is a surround system, these speakers are capable of producing 5.1 channel surround system, which means that you can get high definition audio from them as well.

For those who are planning to set up a wireless speakers home theater, it is a great idea to opt for surround sound speakers. For those who are looking to set up a home theater, one of the restraining factors that generally prohibit them from doing so is the amount of wires that spread up. You need to wire the speakers around the room, which also spoils the outlook of the room. But, you can buy a wireless speakers home theater, as fully integrated packages are available in the market that provide you with a complete speaker system to set up in your room.

A wireless speakers home theater comes at varying prices, depending on the brand and the model. But, with a general package, you can get around 8 wireless speakers that can be connected to one source. Some of these speakers are battery operated, or you can also get those that need to be charged in order to function properly. However, speakers that need to be charged are quite expensive. Because of the large variety that is available in the market, wireless speakers have seen a fall in their prices, as competition is increasing and more and more brands have entered the fray.