Wholesale Snapbacks - Buy In Bulk

Wholesale Snapbacks – Buy In Bulk

By: - Clothing - October 20, 2011
wholesale snapbacks %E2%80%93 buy in bulk

When it comes to stylish caps, there are two main types: fitted and snapbacks. Snapbacks are a type of hat that are quite popular for both men and women that have the adjustable snap in the back of the hat so you can change the size easily. The most popular snapbacks feature a favorite sports team , clothing brand or character. Snapbacks are so popular, in fact, that you can find them almost anywhere and you can even start your own custom snapback business. All you need to do is find wholesale snapbacks.

One of the very best places to buy wholesale snapbacks is to look online. There are many websites where you can buy snapbacks wholesale from the manufacturer and you can also buy them at online auction, such as EBay. Many companies will sell printed snapbacks in bulk starting with about 10 per box for $130 – $150. You can logically sell these hats for $20 – $30 per hat, which, if you do your math quickly, you will make a nice little profit. Some websites will even mix and match orders, so you can have a mixed order from all different teams, for example.  If you buy wholesale then sell them yourself, you become the middleman. Remember, if you are going to sell online, this may not be as lucrative since people can buy single hats from the same sites you are buying bulk from for $15 a hat themselves. This is a better idea if you are going to sell them in a store or stand.

If you really want to get creative, you can also customize snapback hats to sell based on customer wishes. It is quite easy and very cheap to buy plain snapback hats and if you invest in an embroidery machine, you can design your own logos and pictures for snapback hats.  You can sell those for a very nice profit, in fact. People will pay much more for a custom hat than they will for a regular snapback, so this can be a great way to break into a business.

No matter what you decide to do with your wholesale snapbacks, make sure you are doing it the legal way. In most areas it is illegal to sell merchandise without a valid license and it would be a shame to have to spend all of your profit from snapback hats on fines from your city.

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