White To Black Tanning Lotion Reviews And Cost

White To Black Tanning LotionReviews And Cost

By: - Beauty - October 17, 2011
white to black tanning lotion reviews and cost

If you tan indoors, you may have heard of White to Black tanning lotion (also known as White 2 Black). Marketed as a bronzing lotion, White to Black has been reviewed quite well and most users would recommend the product to others. Most people agree that this is a unisex product that is great for both men and women who want to get into the tanning bed and get several shades darker. The company who makes the White to Black tanning lotion states you will get at least 3 shades darker in 24 hours, however most people say in reviews, though you will get darker, it probably isn’t three shades.

The scent of White to Black tanning lotion is described as “fresh” and both men and women seem to like the scent and say it is certainly not intolerable. Some say it smells more “manly” than “feminine”. Many other reviews state the lotion is nice to put on. It is not greasy or oily and blends into the skin very well.  There does seem to be some confusion concerning the White to Black tanning lotion. It is not a self- tanner. You do need to actually tan in a bed for this lotion to work. The cost of the White to Black lotion is about $15 when you buy it online, but the retail price is $45.

A competitor of the White to Black lotion is called Solid Black tanning lotion. This lotion, made by Millennium, is said to be even better based on reviews.  If you want to get really dark, you probably will want to go with Solid Black tanning lotion over White 2 Black.  People who have reviewed this lotion state that it is probably one of the best bronzers on the market and it claims to be 100 times stronger than other bronzers. Other products similar to the Solid Black tanning lotion, including Paint it Black and Black storm have 50 times and 60 times bronzers respectively.

Some people who have used this lotion said that they have even gotten a slight burn after using this lotion when they have never been burnt before. The only complaint that many people had about this product is the expense. It can run up to $100 for one bottle.  If you buy this lotion online, you can find it much cheaper, as cheap as $15 – $20 per bottle at amazon.com.