When Does Morning Sickness Start - Know What To Expect

When Does Morning Sickness Start? – Know What To Expect

By: - Women's Issues - September 16, 2011
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If you already know you are pregnant, you may be asking “When does morning sickness start?” The answer really depends on the mother. Some women may never get morning sickness at all. Some will have morning sickness and nauseas consistently all day, every day for weeks. Still others will stick to the norm and get sick once or twice in the morning then go happily about their day. To answer the question “When does morning sickness start?”, usually it is around 5- 6 weeks of pregnancy and can last all the way up to the 16th week. Though that is the average, some women definitely have morning sickness throughout their entire pregnancy.

Now that you know the answer to “When does morning sickness start?,” you probably want to know some of the best morning sickness cures. One of the absolute best morning sickness remedies is ginger. Though you can certainly eat ginger snaps or drink ginger ale for relief, real relief will come from making ginger tea. Simply grate some fresh ginger directly into hot, boiling water. Let simmer for 5-10 minutes and drink it. You can sweeten it if you like, of course. Ginger has been used for 100s of years for nausea.

Another of the best morning sickness cures is to eat saltine crackers. Sometimes in the morning you just need a bit of food in your stomach and saltine crackers can be great for that. The crackers help absorb some of the excess acid you have in your stomach. A great idea would be to keep little packets of saltines around the house as well as in the car and at work for some relief.

Eating small amounts of food many times throughout the day instead of large meals may help your morning sickness as well. Eating too much at one time can make your morning sickness worse sometimes, so take it easy on what you eat, but be sure to eat something.

You should also try to avoid any odors that make you feel nauseous. Your sense of smell will certainly increase when you are pregnant, so smells you did not find offensive before can take on a whole new meaning to you. Those strong smells can make your nausea worse, so it is best to stay away if possible.

If you use the above morning sickness cures, you should get through these weeks tolerable, but they won’t be fun. If you have severe morning sickness, see your doctor.