Wheeled Duffle Bags

Convenience And Space On Wheels

By: - Travel & Leisure - July 14, 2011
wheeled duffle bags convenience and space on wheels

Throughout the ages, people have been dragging enough personal belongings on their extended trips to warrant the term ‘luggage’ because that’s all that one ever does that travels extensively; lugs around their belongings.  Typically this comes in many forms.  There are large bags, small carry-on bags, trunks and duffel bags.  Innovation upon innovation has produced many streamlined forms of luggage that removes the ‘lug around’ reference and puts the ease in travel.  One of those many innovations in travel technology is the revolutionary wheeled duffle bags.

In undertaking to purchase an item of luggage for any pending trip, serious consideration should be paid to what kind of luggage would best suit your needs.  In a recent review of the Wheeled Duffle Bag, a traveler mentioned having to travel in a small plane in which only soft sided baggage would suffice so as to accommodate as much luggage as possible into the fuselage of the aircraft.  Made of a very durable and sturdy nylon material, and with compact and durable wheels on the bottom of the bag, wheeled duffle bags will ensure that the globe trotter can get from place to place, wheeling his bag with ease behind him rather than straining shoulder muscles whilst navigating teems of people.  Within the wheeled duffle bag itself, are a lot of other features for the consideration of the traveler such as a compartment known as the ‘laundry chute’ for soiled clothes and undergarments, smaller compartments for smaller scale items like batteries, cameras, film, toiletries, etc.  Everything is organized and compacted with simplicity and ease into your wheeled duffle bag, thereby making preparation for your trip an easy one.

The material of wheeled duffle bags, as mentioned earlier, is that of a heavy, yet durable nylon  weave that will protect the contents within from serious damage or impacts, all within reason of course and the exterior is difficult to penetrate with any sharp objects.  Overall the weight of wheeled duffle bags is virtually none at all.  It is light weight, portable, easy to maneuver  capacity makes this item an essential for the preferential and discriminating globe trotter anywhere, any continent, any journey through any means.   The traveler can quickly throw the wheeled duffle bag into the trunk of a cab, walk through the airport terminal as though they have no luggage and get it checked in to the baggage claim with little or no problem.  The lockable zippers will ensure the security of the contents in your luggage and guarantee a difficult, if not impossible task to penetrate for the miscreant who will quickly give up the effort. The handles on the sides of the duffle bag make it easy to grab once it is delivered to the baggage claim and again, with the lightweight wheeled feature, you can be off before you know it.  So, for the traveler, no matter who you are or how long the journey, wheeled duffle bags are the solution to making your trip an organized cinch.

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