What Causes Canker Sores

Finding The Right Remedy

By: - Health & Fitness - August 25, 2011
what causes canker sores finding the right remedy
There are occasions when you will look into your mouth and spot a red sore that is covered with a white colored tissue.  These are known as canker sores and they can appear anywhere within the mouth and shouldn’t be confused with being of the herpes family.  Generally they form on the inside lip, on the top and bottom of the tongue and in the odd situation, even on the back of the mouth on the tonsils.  They can range to be either mildly uncomfortable to being quite painful but what causes canker sores and the remedies for canker sores has been a well researched topic for some time.

Despite all of the medical research and evaluation into the patients by the medical community as to what causes canker sores, there is no definitive answer although there are some widely held theories regarding lifestyle that are thought to me elements as to why they occur.  People whose professions or personal lives that yield high levels of stress is one idea that is widely held and those that indulge in diets that have foods with lots of caustic spices or coarse foods like potato chips and nut snacks (foods with sharp edges of the like) are thought to have a greater likelihood of getting canker sores although again, this has not been conclusively identified.  A research study into the possible and probable causes of canker sores has revealed that people who use a kind of toothpaste that contains SLS, or sodium lauryl sulfate will increase their chances of developing a canker sore anywhere in their mouth by about eighty percent.  It comes therefore as no big surprise that these kind of toothpastes with a high foaming action aren’t recommended if you wish to avoid possibly contracting these sores.  There has been a lot of research and study into the causes and the prevention of the canker sore although their total eradication is not possible at all at this point in time.  There are some remedies for canker sores that are available on the market and a discussion with your local pharmacist will reveal a range of them however it is for the healing of canker sores and not a preventative measure against acquiring them.  As mentioned earlier, avoidance of caustic foods and SLS based toothpastes as well as a reduction in stress in lifestyle are some measures and the use of an anti bacterial agent found in mouth washes such as Listerine or Scope will help to heal the canker sore as well as a home remedy of salted water.  As with the standard mouthwashes, a rinse with this and the mouthwash solution for a period of about a minute or so is suggested, after which the fluid may be drained from the mouth into the sink.

All told, there is no known cause for what causes canker sores and the remedies for canker sores are available and not complex.  Should you have questions about how to treat canker sores, it is recommended that you speak to your physician or local pharmacist for more expanded answers to the treatment and possible prevention.

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