What%E2%80%99s So Unique About Revere Ware Cookware

What’s So Unique About Revere Ware Cookware?

By: - Product Reviews - June 28, 2011
what%E2%80%99s so unique about revere ware cookware

Revere Ware cookware is legendary for its design and functionality. It features unique copper bottoms on well-constructed stainless steel pots and pans. You may remember these pots and pans from your grandmother’s kitchen, but the Revere company has a much longer history. It was actually founded by Paul Revere himself. In 1801 he founded Revere Copper Company which provided copper parts for military ships, and it later transformed into a cookware company. In 1939 the famous copper-bottomed Revere Ware kitchenware was introduced. It was revolutionary at the time not only for having heat-diffusing copper on the bottom, but for the edges being rounded to make them easier to clean. Additionally, Revere Ware cookware was lighter and easier to handle in the kitchen than most pots and pans of that era. Its handles’ unique design was modeled after the handles of a silversmith’s hammer, a design that proved so popular that it has been copied by many other companies since. Today the Revere line of products upholds its famous legacy through quality construction, classic design and exquisite performance. It continues to make up 25% of the cookware market.

Revere Ware cookware’s hallmark copper bottoms are not simply an aesthetic choice. Copper is a metal that has superior heat conduction characteristics. It spreads heat from the burners of your stove quickly and evenly to the food in your pot or pan, reducing uneven cooking and scorching. It also cools more quickly than other metals to ensure your food is cooked only as long as you intended. In this way, the cook is given more control over heat than with pots and pans of other materials. This is why copper or copper-bottomed cookware has long been the preferred equipment for French cooking, which relies upon delicate sauces that cannot tolerate overcooking or undercooking. Copper has the added benefit of being lighter than many other metals, making it easier to manage in the kitchen.

Competitively priced, Revere Ware kitchenware is often chosen as a less expensive but equally high quality alternative to All Clad. It is durable and long lasting. Many a grandmother is still cooking on the Revere Ware kitchenware she received for her wedding, and it is not uncommon to find a kitchen containing Revere Ware that has been passed on for generations within the family. Because Revere products rarely warp, are resistant to breaking and cracking, and are easy to clean, they tend to stay in fantastic condition for many years.

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