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By: - College and University - July 7, 2011
western governors university reviews getting the facts

As mentioned in the Western Governors University Reviews, the Western Governors University, or WGU,  is a university founded by a collection of 19 bi partisan western state governors in 1997.  Its objective was to build upon the quality and availability to the post secondary academic disciplines.

The Western governors University review reveals that WGU is a non profit, private American Online fascility that boasts of a student enrollment of over 24,000 from every state in the Union.  It is recognized by the Western Governors University review as facility for competency based learning.  To expand on this concept, the modus operandi of the individual programs is to award diplomas and degrees alike for demonstrated competence in the fields to which the students belong, rather that alternatively gaining credit for the number of classes or hours spent in the classrooms.  Pupils can earn their degree through the application of life experience, academic back ground or employment as well, which, the Western Governors University review claims, results in a faster rate of graduation for students.

The review reveals that the aim of Western Governor University is to enhance the educational opportunities to those Americans living on a modest to lower income and to those that cannot fully afford  to attend university.  Although it doesn’t solely depend on federal nor state money for its operation, it does receive a variety of grants from various federal, state and corporate institutions.  Athough Western Governors University only accepts those pupils that live in the United States and in certain areas of Canada, it accepts applicants who are part of the United States armed forces deployed anywhere in the world, including their families, and students who reside in the US Virgin Islands, Guam, or Puerto Rico.

According the Western Governors University Reviews, there is no pre requisite entrance requirements needed for placement within the Western Governors University, however, successful applicants must complete and successfully pass an entrance exam in order to be accepted into the ranks of the student populace.

With the aim to advance the opportunities and enhance the professional careers of those that otherwise could not afford to attend a traditional university or afford  the tuition, the programs offered by the WGU, as it is stated in Western Governors University reviews  include academic disciplines as could be found in either of the four colleges of which it is comprised/

The College of Health Professions
College of Business
College of Information Technology
Teachers College

Within each of these colleges are a vast array of career choices and avenues that the graduating student will find available.  Each and every one of the courses that are available can be completed via computer.  The 1200 teachers and support staff are available to interact with on line students to aid and assist them as they progress through their programs.  Students will be each assigned a teacher find a large assortment of tools from which they can complete their courses such as web based tutorials, on line classes and text books.

The Western Governors review lists the Western Governor University as one of the leading ten online universities in the western United States today and a first stop for those with university aspirations but financially challenged.

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