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Simplifying Homemade Bread

By: - Cooking - June 21, 2011
welbilt bread machine simplifying homemade bread

Many people long to have access to warm, fresh bread every day in their own homes.  After all, the loafs found in most stores are so processed that they more closely resemble some sort of sponge than actual food – they are as barren of flavor as they are nutrients and anything really that healthy.  Unfortunately, very few people are able to spend the time working with dough each day, mixing, kneading, waiting, kneading, and then finally baking.  Making fresh bread is usually quite a time-consuming process, but with tools like a Welbilt bread machine it is possible to have all the delicious loafs you want for a fraction of the work.

A Welbilt bread maker handles the entire mixing, rising, and baking process for its users, saving them the time and trouble of putting everything together, punching the dough back down several times, and then moving the bread into and out of the oven for baking.  All that users have to do is put the materials in their Welbilt bread machine and let it do all the work over the next couple of hours.  Such a process is far simpler than going through the process on one’s own and often results in better formed bread.

There are a few things to keep in mind when working with a Welbilt bread machine that will ensure your loafs come out looking and tasting delicious.  First, follow precisely the order of ingredients listed in a particular recipe for the machine.  Yeast can be a tricky substance, and getting it to activate properly depends on exposure to certain chemicals at certain times.  Next, be sure to warm eggs to room temperature before using them.  Cold eggs make mixtures difficult to work with.  Finally, do not allow a finished loaf of bread to sit in the machine, as this can quickly make it soggy and lead to dissatisfaction with the otherwise perfect loaves you make.

Most of us do not have the time to put together the ingredients for and work with the dough required to make completely handmade breads.  With a Welbilt bread maker, however, you can enjoy everything that comes with fresh breads every day without struggling to find time to get everything that actually needs to be done in each day.  When considering a new appliance to add to your kitchen, think about what a difference fresh bread might make in your life with Welbilt bread maker.

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