Weider Crossbow - A Full Body Workout From One Machine

Weider Crossbow – A Full Body Workout From One Machine

By: - Fitness Equipment - July 13, 2011
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The Weider Crossbow is a full home gym system that rivals its predecessor, the Bowflex. For those who prefer the use of machines to free weights as a way to lift and tone muscle, the stability and range of motion of the Weider Crossbows is a great option for beginning lifters and fitness enthusiasts alike.

While free weights can take up a large amount of space and require constant plate changing or re-racking, the Weider Crossbow is a single machine that targets all major muscle groups, ensuring a full-body workout in one sitting, from one machine. The machine uses a combination of pulleys, cables and a crossbar to implement resistance training for upper and lower body workouts as well as an option for aerobic fitness.

Weider Crossbows offer a maximum resistance of 440 pounds, ensuring that even seasoned weightlifters and body builders can design a workout that challenges and meets their exercise needs. Furthermore, additional weights can be purchases in 100 or 200 pounds increments if a system upgrade is ever desired.

The Weider Crossbow boasts over 65 different exercises, guaranteeing variety and versatility from any workout. Some of these exercises include chest press, calf raises, hammer curls, squats and ab crunches. The Crossbow also features a padded bench for comfort and safety, a lat tower to help develop lats, traps and shoulders and a quick change resistance feature that allows for speedy weight adjustment. The machine is designed with practicality and safety in mind.

While the Weider Crossbow’s first priority is strength and resistance training, the machine also features a rowing facility with a rowing bench that allows for aerobic training as well. Combining aerobic fitness with weight training is one of the most powerful combinations to tone muscle and eliminate fat.

Weider Crossbows home gym systems allow for a total body workout without the clutter of numerous free weights and without having to constantly make trips to the gym. By using a full body system from the comfort of your home for just 20 minutes a day, the Weider Crossbow can help you reach your fitness goals and ensure that you always have the option for a healthy body and lifestyle. When you are finished with the system, the Weider Crossbow can be folded up for easy storage and use. For an at-home gym system that meets any weight lifting need, the Weider Crossbow is a valuable and viable option for convenient and challenging home training and fitness.