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By: - Food & Beverage - August 2, 2011
wauldbaums locations the bottom line

Wauldbaums locations are to be found all along the island of New York’s famous Manhattan Island.  First established in 1904, it forms one of the east coasts longest existing food market chains that reputedly runs a stiff competition against the other major food chains in the region.

Offering a reportedly wide range of food items and even an instore bakery in sixty two locations, Wauldbaums is well recognized within the community, with a wide range of products and services.  Several Wauldbaums review articles, however, give a less than flattering view of both angles of the Wauldbaums experience, both from the customer view and the employee satisfaction viewpoint.

In the majority of employee and former employee Wauldbaums reviews, irrespective of any of the Wauldbaums locations,  the consensus among current and former employees draws a schism in the relationship between employee and management.  Chief among the complaints is the lack of respect given the workers by management whose driving concern is not necessarily one of a relaxed, comfortable and easy going atmosphere.  Stress levels are high and the work loads are quite heavy.  According to some Wauldbaums reviews garnered from employees both current and former, the drive for profit over the equilibrium of a good, effective and safe work place and high profit margins ranks as the primary for the reason for dissatisfaction.

Customer satisfaction as found in any Wauldbaums review paints a poor picture focusing on several issues in the effectiveness of the store toward a satisfied customer.  Narrow aisles, irritable employees and a lack of managerial presence in maintaining a disciplined service for the benefit of the customer has resulted in the loss of several customers, some of whome maintain that their first experience was their last.  Some Wauldbaums reviews portrayed a disturbing lack of proper food storage with fruit flies everywhere, over priced items and the lack of other needed items in spite of their advertisements as being a main reason why they were dissatisfied with Wauldbaums food chains.  Although no direct connection can be made between the resulting closure of thirty-two of their Long Island stores and poor customer and employee relations, not many would mourn the loss of a food chain that seemingly fails in the primary area of organization, value and customer service.

Wauldbaums locations feature an almost box store service with online shopping introduced in the last two years or so and many services and products for the customer to contemplate, the idea being that Wauldbaums locations are the first and last stop for many areas of consumer interaction such as banking, grocery shopping and pharmacy services.  With many brand names featured such as Savings Plus, Master Choice, More, Health Pride and Simply Kids, this store chain is making great strides toward providing a great service so long as they can improve on organization, competitive pricing and better improvements toward health maintenance over insect problems and customer service.

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