Water Aerobics Exercises - A Low Impact Way To Workout

Water Aerobics Exercises – A Low-Impact Way To Workout

By: - Exercise - July 6, 2011
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If you’ve been pounding the pavement all year with little results, or if you’re simply looking for a low-impact way to maintain or kick start your fitness, water aerobics exercise may be the perfect addition to your workout routine.

Not just for the elderly, water aerobics exercises offer any participant a range of workouts and moves that will help any swimmer reach his or her fitness goals. One of the most obvious forms or water aerobics exercise is swimming. Swimming laps not only strengthens the heart and lungs, but it also helps tone muscle. Water adds a natural and low-impact form of resistance to every move, thereby ensuring that your muscles have to work harder to perform any action. Other water aerobics exercise includes treading water or running along the shallow end of the pool. Vigorously treading water for even five minutes at a time gives the body a similar cardiovascular workout to cycling but in a more fluid environment. Walking or running along the pool floor tones the legs and improves aerobic fitness.

An additional form of water aerobics exercise combines weight training with the virtually impact-free environment of water. Water dumbbells come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are perfect for anyone looking to tone muscle. Many basic weight lifting techniques can be performed in the pool using water dumbbells, including bicep curls and tricep extensions. If you don’t have access to water weights, try performing the action without the dumbbells. Simply stand in the pool with your arms straight at your sides and bend the elbows and bring the fists to the shoulders. The water provides natural resistance to tone muscle fiber, even without equipment!

For a more extensive leg workout, try performing squats and lunges in the shallow end of the pool. For isolated movements, use a kickboard and use only your legs to propel yourself forward. If you don’t have a kickboard, simply grasp the edge of the pool and kick your legs behind you. Any movements performed in the water automatically guarantee resistance training that is safe for the joints.

Water aerobics exercise provides the perfect environment for low-impact exercise with virtually no risk for injury. The beauty of water aerobics is that it constantly allows for modifications and creativity. Though water aerobics exercise may sound easy, an hour in the pool will leave you with a full-body workout and endless options for future training.