Washing Machine Smells

Getting Rid Of Odors

By: - Home & Family - September 21, 2011
washing machine smells getting rid of odurs

A very common issue that arises for those that have washing machines is that eventually the washing machine smells or it emits a particular smell in which the washing machine smells like mildew.  A first thought toward this is that a belief that there is a draining problem with the water from the machine.  Rest assured though that the water from your machine does not always completely drain away and the water which is left is that of clean water utilized to rinse the clothing.

So, assuming that you have the right drain installations connected to your machine and your washing machine smells, you should instead look to see what the ventilation is like for the actual room where your machine is situated.  There should be an adequate enough vent to draw out the high humidity that is emitted from the washing machine but if there is not such a device installed, the result could be an accumulation of moisture in every facet of the room.  This in turn causes the potential in which your machine smells or that your machine smells like mildew.  Another issue is the lighting of the room.  If they are not of the air tight variety, then air will be drawn down from the overhead attic, resulting in a musty smell of dust and humidity which accumulates on the walls, under the machine and in the corners.  It could be as well that a bacterium has established itself into the machine and is fed by the ever present water.  This is rare but you may wish to try using an enzyme cleaner and after rinsing the machine overnight should eliminate the problem you are having.  When your washing machine smells like mildew, the trick is in eliminating the issue.  Fill your machine to capacity with hot water until it is actually over the spill proof line, fill the water with some bleach and then run it through a wash cycle for about ten minutes or so before draining.  This will destroy any mildew in the wash spill over area and inside the basin itself.

Therefore, when your washing machine smells or your washing machine smells like mildew, it can be as easy as venting and regular bleach or enzyme maintenance.

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