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By: - Food & Beverage - August 2, 2011
waffle house locator outstanding service

The Waffle house is a southern institution in America today.  It holds an iconic image in many who make the southern states their home but maintains more that sixteen-hundred locations in twenty-five states in America.  If you want a traditional taste in a great breakfast food that has become the staple for fine dining everywhere, then all you need to do is find a Wafflehouse or WAHO by using the Waffle House locator as it is affectionately known.

The advent of the internet has provided an excellent source of fast information at your finger tips and the creators of the Wafflehouse website have enhanced it through the addition of the Wafflehouse locator.  Just by clicking on the Waffle House locator, you will be directed to the more than 1600 locations where you can sit, relax and enjoy some of the best waffles in the country. In addition to the great waffles served fresh and piping hot with your choice of syrups and melted butter,  you can also find a wide range of fantastic, value priced meal specials that will leave a positive impression of the great foods served at the Waffle house.  For example, once you’ve used the Waffle House locator and found the closest location, you can ask to try out Bert’s chilli, served onsite and styled after the recipe created by Bert the man himself more than thirty years.  Just like any of the other great meals served at the Wafflehouse,  each meal is created with the freshest and finest ingredients, seasoning and spices that will leave you clicking on the Wafflehouse locator time and time again whenever you’re on the move across the country to any of the thirty-six states that the Waffle house is firmly established in.

Again, through the use of the Wafflehouse locator on the website screen, you will also find a drop down list with featured items that have been created and perfected within the famous walls of the Wafflehouse by their own staff of dedicated professionals who are always looking to innovate and perfect the ideal meal for everyone everywhere.  If you are chilled to the bone and in need of sustenance and something to warm you up, try a bowl of their hearty soup, made fresh and like their chilli, made with only the finest herbs, spices and vegetables in a meat sauce and a thick grilled cheese sandwich to take the edge out of the winter’s chill.

When you click on to the Waffle house locator, you are doing more than simply finding the nearest restaurant to you.  You are finding the nearest great taste in a meal suited to the heartiest appetite with a waffle, soup, chili and sandwich perfected to taste and unduplicated anywhere in the country.

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