Vulvodynia Symptoms

How To Recognize Them

By: - Women's Issues - July 15, 2011
vulvodynia symptoms how to recognize them

Vaginal pain (Vulvodynia) can be debilitating both physically and emotionally. However, a doctor can help minimize the discomfort associated with vulvodynia symptoms. In order to know whether a person is suffering from symptoms of vulvodynia, one must first know what the disease is comprised of and to know what common indicators are of the syndrome.

Defining Vulvodynia

Another name for this ailment is painful vulva. The indicator is  typically chronic pain that begins suddenly in the vulvular region. The vulva is the area comprising of the clitoris, opening to the vagina, the mons pubis or fatty pad located right at the bottom of the abdomen , and the labia.

Typical Symptoms of the Infirmity

A very common complaint from women suffering from chronic vaginal pain of this vareity is painful intercourse. Women who describe their difficulties also often say that they feel burning, stinging or itching  in the vaginal region. They may also feel a throbbing or aching in the abdomen. It may feel as if the vulva is raw as well.

What the Vulva Looks Like If a Woman Is Affected

Most of the time, the vulva will look the same as one from a woman who has not been affected. However, some women will have minimal inflammation. They could also experience mild redness.

Patterns of Occurrence

Just like any other medical condition, chronic vaginal pain does not occur in the same way for all women. While for one set of females  the distress is an issue at all times, another set will only have problems with the syndrome at intervals.

Possible Causes of Vulvodynia Symptoms

The symptoms of vulvodynia have no clear cause. However, the medical community has proposed that both physical and psychological issues can have an impact.

Possible Physical Causes

●     Aggravation or injury to the location is one possible factor.

●     Similar to many medical problems, genetics could play a role. In this case, there could be genes that make it so a person’s body does not react appropriately to inflammation.

●     Chronic yeast infections or bacterial infections could be an indication of the problem. In particular, if a woman has severe sensitivity to experiencing those infections.

●     Muscle contractions or spasms could be contributors.

●     Since the disorder affects a person’s reproductive area, it is conceivable that hormones could be responsible for its manifestation.

●     In certain instances, people present with mild irritation. As a result, some in the medical profession suspect that reactions like allergies or irritation to certain substances like chemicals could prompt this syndrome to present.

●     Using antibiotics on a regular basis might also spur the problem to arise.

Possible Psychological Cause

●     Women who have experienced sexual violence could experience this type of pain.

The causes of vulvodynia symptoms are not well known. However, knowing some of the possible reasons for its manifestation might take some stress away from those suffering from the syndrome. Proposed reasons for symptoms of vulvodynia to arise are both psychological and physical.

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