Vermont Castings Wood Stoves - The New Face Of Eco Friendly Heating

Vermont Castings Wood Stoves – The New Face Of Eco-Friendly Heating

By: - Home Improvement - July 13, 2011
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Nothing quite compares to the feel and smell of a wood burning stove on a cold day. Wood stoves have made a recent comeback in popularity over other traditional hearth systems thanks to their performance and money-saving appeal. Among the contenders for wood stoves, Vermont Castings wood stoves offer some of the most energy-efficient stoves that are as powerful as they are beautiful.

For over 35 years, Vermont Castings has been creating stylish and innovative products for the hearth and the home. Their recent commitment to green manufacturing has made them a top choice among builders and buyers. Their models are EPA certified and their cast iron is made from 100% recycled materials. This reliance and commitment on clean and renewable energy sources translates into Castings stoves that are eco-friendly and designed to save you money.

Vermont Castings wood stoves are hand-crafted to ensure optimal heating efficiency. Though Vermont Castings stoves strive for green energy, they still pack quite a punch. The Defiant, their largest wood stove, delivers over 65,000 BTUs of heat, guaranteeing any homeowner a stove that meets expectations for performance and looks.

Vermont Castings wood stoves are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Their designs range from traditional to contemporary and are sold for both indoor and outdoor use.  A popular choice for indoor Castings stoves is the Vermont Castings Aspen. This stove uses non-catalytic burning technology and features recycled cast iron construction, a hand-crafted exterior and a heating capacity of up to 1,800 square feet. The Aspen is also operated by a thermostat and is available at a reasonable price.

An additional benefit of buying Castings stoves is the array of color choices. While the classic black color is traditionally the cheapest and most common choice for a stove, the Vermont Castings Resolute is available in five different colors. These options range from a deep red color entitled Bordeaux, to a soft cream color called Biscuit. Having additional color choices ensures that if you are designing a new home or simply replacing your old hearth system, there is a color available to suit your aesthetic needs.

Vermont Castings wood stoves are esteemed for their reputable products and energy-efficient technology. Their commitment to creating eco-friendly stoves and well as their use of hand-crafted artisan designs have made them an easy choice for wood burning stoves. With a variety of sizes and color options, Castings stoves are among the more economical and elegant choices you could make to meet your heating and hearth needs.