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Best Items Necessary To Fill Heating And Cooking Needs

By: - Home Improvement - August 1, 2011
vermont castings parts best items necessary to fill heating and cooking needs

Like many North American companies Vermont Castings Parts has a remarkable history of taking off at the start, slowing down to the point of having to totally reconstruct the company and beginning all over again. Vermont Casting utilized only direct sales from 1976 to 1980. Their efforts with direct mail and millions spent on marketing were successful until they discovered other stove dealers were working against them.

Other dealers were creating smaller and lighter stoves while Vermont Casting held onto creating virtually unmovable 500 to 800 pound stoves. Shipping wasn’t too cheap either. Other stove companies began to improve with catalytic changes within steal stoves. Vermont Castings parts are created from iron castings that are difficult to re-pattern and upgrade. Vermont Casting chose to try to retrofit kits for coal and catalytic converters but those Vermont Castings parts did not give off the clean environment as the steal stoves did.

Vermont Casting’s first model was the Defiant I produced in 1975 which changed improved to the Defiant IA improved with a 2 piece fireback. In 1980 the Defiant II was created and in 1985 the Defiant III introduced a top loading hinged griddle. All of these models were an enhancement of the original product. It was not until1990 with the creation of the Defiant Encore that a fully redesigned unit became available.

The Encore has become the Vermont Casting cornerstone with the lowest EPA emissions and the ability to hear up to 1900 square feet. It boasts smokeless top loading and a swing out ash-pan.

The Vermont Castings Resolute Acclaim is the only non-catalytic equipped wood burning stove with smokeless top loading.

The Intrepid II features a large glass door and a thermostatic heat control with smokeless top loading.

Vermont Casting lists the Defiant as the ultimate wood burning stove and the Dutchwest Federal Convection Heaters as the cleanest wood burning stove on the market. The Dutchwest is available in three sizes.

From success to the bottom, Vermont Castings Parts nearly went to bankruptcy in 2008. After totally restructuring, Vermont Casting now is headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario under CFM Specialty Home Products. CFM manufactures three categories, Hearth and Heating Products; Barbeque and Outdoor Products; and, Water Filtration and Purification Products. The heating products include gas, wood-burning and electric fireplaces, and free standing stoves. The barbeque and out door products include gas grills and barbecuing accessories. The water filtration and purification products include ultra-violet water purification.

Vermont Casting which remains in Bethel, Vermont is the only North American manufacturer with both foundry and enameling done under one roof. Another branch of CFM is Majestic Fireplaces, a top brand of fireplaces for new homes.

Vermont Castings Parts creates electric fireplace blowers, and stove pipe replacements for their line of heat stoves. Their outdoor grills include the Stainless Steel Signature Double Door Series or the three burner built-n stainless steel Heritage model. Accessories include a Deluxe BBQ cover for the four burner free standing model and natural gas side burners.