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Short-Sleeves And Great Benefits

By: - Clothing - August 3, 2011
vanss sshirts short sleeves and great benefits

Vanss sshirts are nothing to do with politics, any more than the vans sk8mid and vans skink, but a fashion choice that combines practical benefits that can only be found in a short-sleeved shirt.  The reality is that if as a guy you are trying to find something else to wear other than those long-sleeved varieties for work or to have that business casual look fit for a barbeque party or a trip to a high end wine bar, short-sleeved shirts definitely have their benefits.  But what are they and are they something you can wear even when fashion is your prime directive?

Vanss sshirts make the perfect alternative, especially when combined with the vans skink and vans sk8 mid shoes.  You get the sufficient coverage you need with a bit of fashion that can be worn almost anywhere you want without risking missing the boat on style.  These shirts usually have a knitted collar, come with or without buttons, a round type of neckline and designs that are not fussy and frankly not so masculine.  You can find what you like with vans with shapes and sizes to suit the needs of even the smallest, tallest, biggest or widest male.  But the benefits are what most guys look for above all else, being a practical and more objective bunch.  First, you could even wear these to work on days when you have more casual days for the employees, or you could wear it to a backyard barbecue where the parents or in-laws are coming and you do not want to look like a rough neck that has only tattered shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt to his name.  Though short-sleeved shirts are rarely worn at more formal occasions, you can get away with wearing one if you combine it with a more business like pair of slacks, some smart shoes and dress that overall look up with a good watch, even for church in the heat of summer.  Obviously you would get a few frowns at weddings, but that is up to you.  Basically what the short-sleeved vans shirt lets you do is to dress up the casual for a smarter feel.  Because many of them are designed for warmer weather, they are as much at home at a company barbecue as they are on a day trip out on the boat.  You can find many designed like traditional shirts for polo matches in a variety of dyes, patterns, colors, materials, shapes and styles.  Many are made of only cotton, a thick version that means that no matter how hard you sweat, the absorption is much better than those nylon or polyester variety.    Additionally, you can alternate your look to be stylish, sporty, classic or just uniquely you.  Most importantly, you do not have to isolate yourself to just wearing them in the summer as you can easily get away with wearing them in the spring or fall, as long as it is not too chilly.  Some guys are really pushing the fashion limits by wearing them over a long-sleeved grandfather top to give that cool dude appearance for the ladies that attracts them like bears to a honey pot.

Vanss sshirts are the best thing that happened to t-shirts, putting them to one side so you can look your best all of the time.  When you line up your favorite pants, even a choice of shoes such as the vans sk8 mid or vans skink, the possibilities are seemingly endless as to what look you can achieve.  All you need are your vans shirts and a little bit of imagination!

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