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Getting Signature Skateboarding Shoes

By: - Recreation & Sports - August 3, 2011
vans tnt 5 getting signature skateboarding shoes

Yes, we are back to talking about skateboarding shoes, specifically the vans tnt 5 range.  Now, for those who want a shoe recommended by professional skaters, this one has managed to obtain that status, especially as the shoe was designed by one of the skating world’s top skate boarders.  So, you can opt for the equally as fine vans lpe shoes and throw on one of the many vans hats, or you can just knuckle under and find out why the skateboarding shoes we are talking about are a cut above the rest in a major way.

Vans tnt 5 skate boarding shoes are classics.  Their style is traditional, but the materials are innovative.  If you want a skating board shoe that goes beyond what any vans lpe can do, throwing in some vans hats for the cool dude look, you will be rewarded with shoes that are totally skateable, comfortable and light enough for comfort, but not heavy enough to weight you down.  Now, understand this, these shoes are not meant for high professional skating and they do not possess such high tech designs as some skating shoes do.  However, the sole purpose of these shoes is to give you the ability to advance your skating talents step by step with a design that is without doubt professional by design and in nature.  So, what are the pros and cons of these divine skateboarding shoes? Let us have a quick peek at the pros first:

  • Vintage, retro style
  • A pro signature shoe
  • Materials designed by a skating champion
  • Colors uniquely blended by a skater for skaters
  • Padded soles
  • Lightweight only to a degree, but not too much to make them imbalanced when skateboarding

Now look at the cons:

  • Not every style is designed for advanced skaters, so these are really best for beginners and intermediates
  • No additional skating features
  • Just another remake of an old skate boarding shoe, but with a twist of style

Vans tnt 5 skateboarding shoes are really about quality materials and a pro signature.  You get a much wider type of design than once made in the past, meaning that your fit is about comfort and relaxation.  Even if you do not use a skateboard, the shoes are quite popular for those reliving their youth as rockstar-wannabees with one of the classic vans hats.  The shoes come in three types of leather, layered for a totally secure performance when grinding on the tarmac and doing simple jumps – nubuck leather coated in PU, nubuck full grain and Italian style leather.  Frankly, once you put away your vans lpe shoes for the day to go skateboarding, you are rewarded with shoes that really rock, giving you the rock-style look with the feel of a professional skater.  The cupsole is very supportive and comfortable, making for a great improvement on the traditional skater shoes.  The leathers are stronger, the seams more secure and the stitching pretty hard to break.  Even though they are exceptional in style and cost, the only downside that skaters will really find annoying is that replacing the laces is going to become a regular thing as there is no flap to protect the lower laces and the laces themselves could do with being thicker and stronger to start with.  Other than that, for less aggressive skating, these are perfect.  Frankly the price you pay and the value and quality you get are good.  Most skaters who have tried these and are not in the pros and just skate at the parks for fun find them more than sufficient for what they need.  At the most you can expect to handle simple jumps, but nothing too extravagant if you want these shoes to last.

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