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By: - Recreation & Sports - August 3, 2011
vans rowley

So, you have the finest skateboard or longboard that you could find and you are ready to head out to the skate park or open road.  However, what you need is a good pair of skateboarding shoes, though you are quite happy to settle for something that does not outdo your new board in its bright colors and daring design, brown or black colors are fine.  What you need to consider is what makes skateboarding shoes worth buying and which ones are your best options.  So, let us look the vans Rowley, vans authentic black and the brown vans.  They are amongst the best skateboarding shoes in the business, but why?

When you have to decide between the vans Rowley, vans authentic black and the brown vans, there are some criteria that you need to address.  Admittedly they are all worthwhile and good for skateboarding, but the final choice is not down to color and style alone.  If you have friends who skate, but have used vans skateboarding shoes, ask them for their first hand take on the pros and cons, as well as getting enough opinions to avoid risks and dangers that may apply to one of them when using your particular type of board.  You could simply just buy them, try them and then if you are not happy, take them back, but that is hardly practical and not very many stores will allow you to bring back used shoes, not even for an exchange.  Another way of addressing which is the better choice for you is to look at the construction of the shoes.  As such, you can use these criteria as a guideline:

  • Stitches – each part is stitched and there are no signs of glue with double stitching being the main type of stitching
  • Stitches – choose preferably the shoes with triple stitching for added longevity and to prevent accidental injuries because your shoes got battered
  • Materials – avoid the canvas type unless you are just doing a quick skate backwards and forewards down your street
  • Materials – choose leather if you are going to do serious boarding or longboarding, especially longboarding
  • Materials – suede is an alternative option, but avoid synthetic materials as they do not hold up as well and they do not allow your feet to breathe, meaning that your feet can slip and slide inside of your shoes
  • Reinforcements – pick the one with the thickest leather that is fitted with a toe cap as your shoes will get scuffed and scratched more often around the toes which can destroy regular leather skating shoes
  • Reinforcements – choose the shoes that are designed to last
  • Reinforcements – choose the shoe with the best ollies, eyelets for laces and construction near your heel as these areas take the most amount of pressure and abuse whilst skating
  • Reinforcements – pick the shoe that could withstand even the worst situation in preference to looks and color
  • Heaviness – get shoes that have sufficient weight to give you balance, but not too much weight to make you fall over and not insufficient weight to make it impossible to give you a drag
  • Heaviness – avoid shoes that look heavy, feel heavy and have flimsy uppers as these will rip easily when under high speeds and during stressful tricks
  • Grips – pick the ones with very strong rubber that has an exceptional gummy feel because they grip better
  • Padding support – only make this a priority if you really need added comfort
  • Protected laces – choose the shoes with the lace holes that have been reinforced with additional metal to prevent your laces from ripping open under duress
  • Protected laces – pick the shoes with a flap that goes over the laces closer to your toes to avoid ripping the laces when doing flips

If you have gotten to the point where you are questioning whether or not you should buy vans Rowley, vans authentic black or brown vans because they may not have that signature from a skateboarding pro, think again.  Signatures do not make top quality skate boarding shoes and many professional skaters are not into brand names in the way that you might think.  Their first priority is not about style or having the name of a professional skater on their shoes because that is not what buying skating shoes is about.  When you buy the vans skate boarding shoes, you are looking quality in the face, practicality at first glance and top design features that are impossible to miss.  Style is not a feature that you should even consider if you really want to become a good skater or even work towards the pro level.  Looks in skateboarding shoes can be deceiving in a big way, so getting a shoes that is manageable, safe, easy to care for and affordable is your best bet and that is why vans should be one of your potential choices.

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