Vans For Kids Finding Cheap Vans Shoes For Kids

Vans For Kids – Finding Cheap Vans Shoes For Kids

By: - Shoes - November 17, 2011
vans for kids finding cheap vans shoes for kids

Vans shoes have been on the market since 1966. They started out as a very popular brand of shoes especially among those who are into skateboarding, snowboarding or BMX bike riding. Over the years, though they are still popular with the skaters, boarders and riders, they have also become fashionable for adults and kids alike. Vans for kids are the same high quality shoes you would buy for an adult, only in a smaller size. Unfortunately for some, the Vans name brand comes at a price and the kid’s shoes are almost as expensive as the adult styles. Running anywhere from $30 – $40 per pair for the kid’s version of Vans, this can be a budget breaker for many families during hard economic times. Though you want to make your kids happy, sometimes you can’t break the budget to do so. Luckily there is a solution to this particular problem. You can find cheap Vans shoes for kids if you know where to look.

The first place you can find Vans for kids is at a retail store that sells Vans shoes. One that is popular is the store called Journeys. If you are specifically looking for kids sized Vans, there are also Journeys Kidz stores that will have all of the latest and greatest styles. The problem is, when you buy Vans shoes at a retail location, you will be paying the highest price for them. Unless you have some kind of coupon, paying full retail price may set you back if you are trying to stick with a budget. Now there is a positive side of buying retail, of course, you will be able to try the shoes on your child and get them professionally sized. This is important when you get shoes for children. They grow quickly and when you have the wrong sized shoes on their feet, it can even affect their growth and development.

If you are unable to find cheap Vans shoes for kids at traditional retail locations, you may want to try a closeout store or discount department stores that sell items that are “last year’s style” or slightly damaged. This can include things that do not affect the wear of the shoe, but may have an appearance that isn’t perfect. For instance, perhaps the color is a bit off or the Vans logo is off center due to a mistake in the manufacturing process. If you don’t mind an off center logo, you can save a bundle.

If you really want to get cheap Vans shoes for kids, go online. The internet will have the best deals and offer the best prices for shoes overall. There is a lot of competition online and therefore you have lower prices. Even with shipping, you can usually find Vans for kids at least $5 – $10 cheaper online than in stores.  When you choose to shop online, you have the unique price comparison option which you will not always have when shopping retail. In 20 minutes, you will be able to compare prices for the same exact Vans shoe on ten different websites. It is a piece of cake to find the cheapest store. Additionally when you buy online you can apply special coupons and discounts to your purchases to help you save even more money. If you are an expert internet search engine guru, you will easily be able to find coupons that you can apply to purchases at all types of internet stores. You can also try eBay and for great deals on new and used Vans shoes for kids.,, and are all options for the best sites to buy Vans shoes.