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Boating Safely

By: - Shoes - August 3, 2011
vans chukka del barco boating safely

If you own a boat or are considering a cruise on a boat or larger vessel, you should consider boat shoes as a safe and good alternative to regular shoes when on board.  The reality is that boat decks are slippery at the best of times and no matter what type of shoes you may regularly wear, the risk of slipping is high even during good weather because of spray that you may not see hitting the deck, even on a less blustery day.  So, even though you may be looking for high fashion or simply to look your best with a stylish vans hat and vans tnt, you should consider the benefits involved in getting yourself a pair of vans chukka del barco shoes.

Vans chukka del barco shoes are also known as deck shoes or topsiders.  They have become one of the world’s most powerful statements about high end fashion because most people associate boating and yachting with people for are wealthy or in high society.  In recent years they have been adopted by many people without boats, giving that high end look without the expensive issue of investing in a boat, especially if they live nowhere near a major body of water, even a river.  When combined with a vans hat for sun protection and vans tnt for heading onto a dock when stopping on land, these shoes are not only comfortable, but give you extra anti-microbial type protection, something that is essential when enjoying time out on the water as you are pretty well guaranteed to get your feet wet at some point.  Most importantly, these boat, deck or topsider shoes are made from strong leather, making them totally water resistant, though you can get a different version made of canvas.  Best of all, no matter how wet your shoes get, they dry in double quick time, and for those of you who need added support because of posture issues so you can withstand conditions that may be slippery and wet, their support is ideal.  Yours shoes treads have been created to ensure that your are always sure footed and also helps to protect the boat’s surface and decking from scuffs and scratches.  Though they are much stiffer than the average shoe, these vans deck shoes are still extremely flexible, mocking the average leather shoe.  However, the most important thing that you must do when choosing your preferred pair of deck shoes is to ensure that the soles are sufficient enough to make them manageable.  You have to have proper traction because boating accidents can happen if you slip and fall into the water, and if you are not a strong swimmer or the water is choppy, the chances of you getting further injured is high.  That is another reasons why these boating shoes come so highly recommended.

So, you have your vans hat, your vans tnt shoes for when you stop in at port and you are donning your vans chukka del barco boating shoes.  Even if you are only stepping onto a boat for a quick lunch or dinner and then just getting back onto solid dry land, these shoes are a good buy, not too expensive and definitely not cheap in quality.  So, if you just want to look good, but hate boating or the water, you can still get the supreme comfort, classy look and wow your friends with your high end sophistication.  All you need now is that new outfit, right?

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