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HIgh Tops Heaven, Or What?

By: - Shoes - August 3, 2011
vans camryn high tops heaven or what

Not everyone wants to wear regular sneakers and are looking for the old-fashioned or retro style of high tops, which have become a popular thing, even if they make us older folk cringe because seeing them brought out again reminds us that we once wore high tops and are not getting any younger.  However, high tops are a cool type of shoes, once made of leather and other materials for use on the basketball court.  Today, you can choose from many types of casual shoes, including the vans authentic red and the vans ferris, but if you want high tops with a fashionable twist and a little bit of style, the vans camryn for women may be what you are looking for.

Once upon a time, back in the 70s, the high tops were really only the domain of kick boxers, a sport that became highly popular in North America in the 80s, though it is an Asian sport.  When the 80s came around, high tops were more about fashion and even came in leather for using for basketball, but today their purpose in the 21st century has changed yet again.  Women are now wearing high tops because of fashion, though not everyone likes them, preferring the more traditional and casual appearance of such shoes as the vans ferris and the vans authentic red shoes.  The vans camryn shoes are the answer to the 21st century fad of women wearing high tops again and frankly a lot has changed.  No longer are the high tops designed for leg and ankle support or made of soft and lightweight leather.  They are quite often made of heavy canvas with interesting designs and flashy colors.  You can even find ones that frankly look like they have been camouflaged.  However, the vans version aims to bring fashion to these boots with a slightly lower ankle level height, affordable comfort and thick rubber soles for wearing almost anywhere.  Despite their new materials, they are by no means made to use for kicking and definitely are impractical if it start to rain, if you are not willing to buy a waterproofing spray to protect them.  Unlike the old days, women are using the exceptionally long laces to tie as the old kick boxers did, wrapping them high around their shins.  This does help to increase the support value of the shoes, enabling you to strut your stuff down the streets of your town or city with ease, wearing them ideally with a pair of jeans, but never a skirt as some people have been doing.  No matter where you are you can be guaranteed to have traction that is second to none.  Your high tops will grip any floor or surface you are on, unless you are paddling around in melted butter or grease.

High tops have come and gone in and out of fashion for women since the 80s and again the revival seems less and less of a popular thing.  The high tops for kickboxers absolutely still exist and are made of much more durable materials, but their purpose is very different from the vans camryn boots that women are wearing today.  Though you might not be into the newer version of the retro high tops and prefer to settle for the equally fashionable and practical vans ferris or vans authentic red shoes, you can get a really good deal and set yourself up with a trendy set of high tops if you are only willing to adapt to changing times.  Realistically, these high tops are good quality and the price that you pay for the fashionable look is far cheaper than you would find elsewhere.  So, what is your choice – 21st century high tops or just plain sneakers?

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