Van Houtte K Cups

A Trouble-free Addition To Single Cup Coffee Brewers

By: - Coffee - August 1, 2011
van houtte k cups a trouble free addition to single cup coffee brewers

The thought of placing coffee grounds in a small disposable cup is proving to be one of the greatest conveniences in brewing coffee ever. Called K-cups (K for Keurig the inventor of the one cup coffee maker) these little devices are pierced in the top and the bottom in order to brew a hot beverage through a dispenser. How innovative!

Van Houtte k cups provide a variety of flavors of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate to be brewed through Keurig machines. When properly placed into the machine the foil seal on top is pierced by a spray nozzle and the bottom is pierced by a discharge nozzle. Grounds are contained inside the K-cups are concealed in a paper filter. Then water is forced through the K-cups to be dispensed into the cup/mug placed in the lower receptacle. Without the K-cup hot water can be dispensed into the mug for instant soup or other hot drinks. My K cups are a reusable filter which allows regular coffee to be brewed.

Van Houtte k-cups are a major supplier of coffees and teas to the Keurig family of brewing machines. Van Houtte k cups are available in a variety of flavors such as Colombian Dark coffee or Colombian medium. There is the Costa Rica Terrazu Van Houtte k-cup and the French Roast Van Houtte k cups which is a strong aromatic coffee containing low acidity. The French Vanilla and Hazelnut Van Houtte k-cups provide a rich and smooth flavor. There is also a decaf hazelnut flavor. There are several house blends of Van Houtte k-cups along with mochas and Belgian chocolates as well as raspberry, cherry and macadamia nut flavors. All carry their own unique rich flavor housed within a small Van Houtte k cups.

Van Houtte is the largest Canadian roaster and distributor of gourmet coffees in North America. The company has headquarters in Montreal Canada and the United States. In 1919 the company began as a dream of Canadian, Albert-Louis Van Houtte who, upon purchasing a specialty import shop, began blending different kinds of coffees to meet people’s personal tastes. His son, Pierre, opened the first coffee shop in North America. Pierre offered varieties of whole coffee beans or ground coffee or brewed coffee and a sandwich of French deli meats. This was the first Van Houtte cafĂ© bistro. Retail marketing came later along with vacuum packaging and world wide distribution.