Ugly Sweater Party

Finding Ideas

By: - Society - September 13, 2011
ugly sweater party finding ideas

Have you ever heard of an ugly sweater party? Apparently this is a new trend that is fast becoming the plastic container replacement of the 21st century.  As such, ugly sweater party ideas are somewhat new and hard to come up with.  So, to make your life easier, here are some suggestions to make your ugly sweater seem the ugliest and your party the best bit of fun possible.  Why? Such parties are not about looking bad or about being made a fool of, but out of having a good laugh with fun friends.

An ugly sweater party could be a mix of the old and the tacky.  No party of course would be a good party from that time period, where knitted sweaters were the in thing and crazy, but tacky patterns were high end fashion, without a piñata made from an ugly sweater.  Usually the piñata was traditionally associated then with Mexican theme nights, but you could alter this with a stupid twist and find the most snow ridden ugly sweater you can find.  Men’s stores are sometimes prone to the ugly snow flake sweaters, even today.  Grab on and start creating! Alternatively, have an ugly sweater knitting contest, challenging everyone to make the worst pattern possible from an indentical pattern, where each of you where the finished sweaters at the party, like being ugly copies of each other.  Now, if that was not silly enough, find some old TV programs and movies and nominate the ones with the ugliest sweaters.  Play some old party games such as pass the parcel or musical chairs, the person who wins gets the chosen collection of ugly sweater programs.

Finally, if you are searching for ugly sweater party ideas for the ultimate ugly sweater party, look no further than your nearest hardware store to find the door prize of the century ingredient – mothballs.  You can find the ugliest sweater, wrap it in mothballs and then give it away as a door prize.  You cannot get more crazy than that, can you?

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