Types Of Hair Extensions - Which Are Best

Types Of Hair Extensions – Which Are Best?

By: - Hair - September 7, 2011
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There are many types of hair extensions from the newest heat free protein extensions to the classic sewn in hair extensions. Hair extensions should be undetectable when done correctly and certain hair extensions are better for certain hair types than others. Having a professional do your hair extensions who has great reviews and who is highly rated will make sure you get the right extensions for you.

The newest types of hair extensions on the market are heat free extensions that can last up to 8 months or more. They must be done professionally by an expert as this method combines several other methods of applying hair extensions.  The bonds in the heat free extensions are made of keratin which is a natural protein. These extensions look great with fine or thin hair and they will not be seen through the natural hair due to a very thin fusion points.

One of the most popular types of hair extensions are the classic bonded extensions. These extensions come in many sizes and lengths and work best on thicker hair as the fusion point is thicker. Thin hair may allow these extensions to be seen or felt with the hand. The extensions are literally melted to your own hair giving a strong bond that can usually only be removed with a special solvent from the salon. These extensions need some extra care, for instance you should not use a flat iron or curling iron as the heat from these appliances can make the extensions fall out or droop.

Sewn in hair extensions are another type of extension that is common especially among women of color. These extensions are usually quite cost effective, but can be difficult to put in as it is painful and takes hours in most cases. Sewn in hair extensions will be able to be used over and over but can be hard to blend in with your own hair.

No matter what type of extension you choose, you should try to get consultations from several different salons and ask for different opinions.  For instance, if one salon suggests a sewn in extension and another the bonded extensions, ask them why and to explain how they would work with your hair. Don’t fall for expensive services if you don’t need them. Some people, like those with thin hair may benefit from more expensive extensions, but the average person’s hair will not.