Types Of Beards How To Grow Them

Types Of BeardsHow To Grow Them

By: - Hair - October 10, 2011
types of beards how to grow them

There are many types of beards out there and some have been around for many years. Like with anything, beard types come and go. Some are fashionable for many years or even decades, others for short periods of time like months. If you want to know how to grow a full beard and choose one of the many types of beards, there are certainly things you should keep in mind, such as the shape of your face.

If you are a man with a round face, you may want to stay away from this sideburns or mutton chops. A goatee that is longer than average may be the perfect solution if you want a beard as the longer beard length will make your face look longer. For a round face you should also stay away from a full beard. If you have a long face, do the opposite.  Wear your sideburns and mutton chops proudly but avoid that long goatee. All it will do is make your face look even longer than it should be. Your beard should make your face look uniform.

If you have a square face, the guidelines should be very similar, if not identical to those mentioned above for the round face. If you have a large face, you should have a fuller looking beard and mustache if you choose. Smaller faces need to have small beards, if any. If your face is small, having a large or bushy beard will totally hide your handsomeness from the world. Finally, if you have an oval face, you are very lucky as all types of beards will look great on you.

If you want to know how to grow a full beard, it just takes a bit of time. There are a few tips you can use as well. You have to remember is there will be a time period where your face will itch and you will be quite tempted to shave. Don’t do it if you are serious about growing a beard. Give yourself at least 4 weeks of no shaving so you can see how it will look as it grows. If you don’t like it or it is too itchy, shave it off then. You should also not start shaping yet unless you know exactly how you want it to look. Once you know how to grow a full beard, you will be able to change your look off and on throughout your life.

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