Txu Electric - Putting Customers Before Profits

TXU Electric – Putting Customers Before Profits

By: - Corporate - July 16, 2011
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There are not many energy companies in the world today that make it outwardly visible that they want to help their customers stay comfortable, informed, and safe today.  When people turn on the news and hear about energy giants causing oil spills and cutting off energy to customers during periods of extreme temperatures, it can be difficult to give the industry much credit.  Yet some companies are working very hard to turn this bad reputation around and show their customers that they really do care about their well-being.  One such company is TXU Electric of Texas, which is developing a new model of customer-oriented service that other organizations are taking notice of.

TXU Energy is an energy company that currently provides energy to almost two million people in Texas, servicing hundreds of thousands of homes and business across the state.  Yet what is special about the company is not the sheer magnitude of its business but the ways in which the company strives to meet the particular needs of each and every one of those customers.  Through carefully developed plans that put customers first, TXU Energy employs some of the most innovative and important practices used in electrical service today.

For example, the company refuses outright to disconnect customers from energy during the hottest weeks of the summer, regardless of whether they can pay their energy bills or not.  Understanding the dangers that the hottest days of the year pose to those in financial difficulty, TXU allows all existing customers to keep their energy connected when high temperatures pose a particular threat to the well-being of those who pay for their services.  This is particularly important for the elderly and handicapped.  Those who are of a certain age and find themselves subjected to financial constraints may not be able to keep up with their bills, and neither those of higher ages nor some handicapped individuals may be able to get out of their houses should the energy be turned off.

Yet TXU Electric goes even further than this fairly radical step that sees the safety of their customers ensured.  They even provide advice to customers as to how they might keep their homes safe from energy leaks throughout the summer months, protecting their wallets as well as their safety.  Through their website TXU illustrates how customers should check their homes for air leaks that allow the blistering Texas heat in and presents suggestions as to how such leaks can be patched.

Identifying companies that truly care for their customers can often be difficult, yet TXU Energy has shown time and time again that they are truly concerned about the safety and well-being of their customers.  After all, should something happen to those buying their services in the heat of summer or during other times of the year they will surely be losing business – not to mention have an ethical dilemma on their hands.  Organizations like TXU Electric do not have to worry about such problems by caring for their customers, and other energy companies should follow their model of putting the safety of clients before profits.