Tramontina Dutch Ovens

The Versatile Workhorse Of The Home Kitchen

By: - Food & Beverage - June 29, 2011
tramontina dutch ovens the versatile workhorse of the home kitchen

Since 1911, the Tramontina company has sold cookware, such as their famous Tramontina Dutch ovens, all across Europe. Their quality cooking equipment has been on American shelves only since the late 1980s. However, it wasn’t until 2008 that they became as popular on these shores as they are today. That year, Cooks’ Illustrated magazine conducted a test of various manufacturers’ Dutch ovens and announced that Tramontina dutch ovens can hold their own against competing models from even high-end cookware legend Le Creuset. “We put two new low-cost models, one from Tramontina ($39.86) and another from Lodge ($49.86), to the test and liked what we found,” wrote the editors. “We recommend the Tramontina as an inexpensive alternative to our favorite 7 1/4-quart Dutch oven by Le Creuset ($229.95)” (Cooks Illustrated, January 2008). Shelves of nearly every store stocking Tramontina were empty across the country within weeks, proving the dramatic impact cooking magazines can have on the cookware industry. The Tramontina Dutch oven became the holy grail of kitchenware that every budget-conscious home gourmet was in search of.

All Tramontina Dutch ovens are constructed from sturdy cast iron, which ensures even heating and reduces heat loss. The inside of each pot is lined with scratch-resistant porcelain enamel in a light, neutral cream color, while the outside is painted in porcelain enamel in one of several colors of the customer’s choice. They come in two sizes, the larger of which is perfect for making a roast, stew, or casserole. They are ideal for no-knead bread recipes and can even be used for frying. The Tramontina Dutch oven can be used for sautéing, browning and simmering on the stovetop – and then moved directly to the oven. According to reports from users, Tramontina pots and pans are long-lasting and retain their ceramic coating quite well, with little chipping or discoloration. This pot can even handle oven temperatures of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Tramontina Dutch oven continues to offer top-notch quality at an affordable price. A growing number of customers are discovering Tramontina as a budget-friendly alternative to expensive cookware. These pots are much more widely available now and usually in stock at mass retailers in the United States, such as WalMart and Target. If your cookware should malfunction, note that the manufacturer offers a lifetime guarantee on Tramontina dutch ovens. This ageless kitchen essential will surely have you baking, roasting, braising and simmering your way to many years worth of delicious meals.

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