Tramontina Dutch Ovens - A Quality Product For A Budget Conscious Cook

Tramontina Dutch Ovens – A Quality Product For A Budget-Conscious Cook

By: - Cooking - July 13, 2011
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With over 100 years of experience creating quality and distinguished cookware products, Tramontina has firmly established themselves as a household name. With rivals like Le Creuset, or more recent contenders like Martha Stewart, Tramontina has continued to put forth durable kitchenware that appeals to the senses and the budget.

One of Tramontina’s top products is the Tramontina dutch oven. These cast iron products feature a porcelain enamel interior and are safe for the oven or the stovetop. Available in a selection of bright and vibrant exterior colors, Tramontina dutch ovens offer top-of-the-line heat retention as well as a lifetime warranty.

After receiving high ratings from top magazines like Cooks Illustrated, most Tramontina dutch oven reviews have been positive. It is important to note that few criticisms are ever given towards Tramontina’s more luxurious contender, Le Creuset, but Le Creuset dutch ovens are some of the most expensive on the market, and many buyers find Le Creuset products to be desirable but extremely pricey. With prices ranging from around 50 to 80 dollars for a six-1/2-quart Tramontina dutch oven compared to Le Creuset’s 250 dollar dutch oven, many shoppers find the Tramontina dutch oven to be the more reasonable and affordable purchase.

Though to provide a fair Tramontina dutch oven review, Tramontina is lacking some features that the Le Creuset dutch oven has to offer. For one, a Tramontina dutch oven comes equipped with a plastic knob on the cover, which is only heat resistant up to 375 degrees. While the rest of the cast iron oven is safe at temperatures up to 500 degrees, this can create a slight problem for anyone wanting to cook something covered at a high temperature. There are, however, other options for dealing with this issue. One is to remove the knob altogether, and the other is to simply replace the knob with a stainless steel drawer knob or even a Le Creuset knob.

Apart from the knob and the raw cast iron edges, the Tramontina dutch oven is a virtual clone and a strong contender for the Le Creuset dutch oven, or even against the more rugged Lodge dutch oven. Most Tramontina Dutch oven reviews by both homemakers and professional chefs alike praise the product for its quality construction and performance-driven results. Given the facts, the Tramontina dutch oven is a more reasonable purchase for anyone who wants a cast iron pot that won’t break the bank.