Top Pre Med Schools

What Is Out There?

By: - College and University - August 25, 2011
top pre med schools what is out there
The lifelong ambition of your child to become a doctor or specialist in a particular area of medicine is in part a pride unlike anyother for the parent but daunting in respect to the other for the cost of tuition involved and the even bigger question as to which college is the top pre med school in the country.  The search for the best pre med colleges is one that should be nearly as painstaking as the study of medicine itself so that your child can get the most from her medical education.

The concept of ‘Premed’ isn’t considered a major.  There are not a lot of colleges that have actual programs deemed premed but you can find colleges that have been considered to be high ranked in terms of the so called premed program in that they are excellent in furthering the students in their ranks into other schools of medicine.  These top pre med schools contain an excellent infrastructure that provides the best team of workers that provide comprehensive mentoring in academics and in providing advice to their students.  Further, they also have a wide range of extracurricular courses and fields of study such as research for their students should they want to enhance some feature of medicine in concentration.

There are a wide range of best pre med colleges that prospective medical students can consider that have a great reputation for providing the best pre med education.  These include institutions as:

  1. Rice University,
  2. The University of Pennsylvania,
  3. Johns Hopkins University,
  4. The Washington University in St. Louis,
  5. Duke University, and
  6. Any one of a number of Ivy League institutions.

Unfortunately, a lot of these schools and colleges have policies that lend a rather Spartan view on who is able to enroll from those who cannot.  This is predicated on grades and they also have some challenging courses in sciences whose purpose is to eliminate those students that fall short of the requisite grades from those that are higher academic achievers.  These are some of the more forensic matters that prospective students should evaluate each respective top pre med colleges before selecting which of the best pre med schools they will attend to give themselves the best chance of obtaining entry into a medical college.  Further, an examination of what resources each school possesses that can provide extra advise or mentoring for example, and of course, a measurement of the abilities of the individual student against the demands of the school in question will ensure a better chance of excelling in academics.

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