Tony Robbins Breakthrough Aimed To Help People Overcome Personal Challenges

By: - Television - June 24, 2011
tony robbins breakthrough aimed to help people overcome personal challenges

Tony Robbins Breakthrough is a television show where he helps couples overcome tough challenges. He is an international star, bestselling author, philanthropist, advisor and inspirational speaker to Fortune 500 executives, sports professionals and world leaders. The Tony Robbins Breakthrough review of the show varies depending on who has viewed the series due to a short lived airing on television. Throughout his career he has written self-help books that help people overcome fears, enhance relationships and instill motivational values in individuals to help them improve their lives. He also conducts seminars with ways to live healthier while pursing personal goals.

On Tony Robbins Breakthrough he helps ordinary people transform their lives through tough and emotional challenges. The show is aimed to inspire people to seek tools and resources that will help improve their lives while reaching out and helping others. The show aims to help people make positive changes they seek to improve their overall outlook on life while working to achieve goals. A Tony Robbins Breakthrough review claims that the show really isn’t much of a breakthrough due to lack of ideas and concepts that are supposed to help those in crisis.

On one episode of Tony Robbins Breakthrough features a married couple in which the wife has taken on the caretaker role after her husband became a paraplegic after an accident. In the episode the couple talks about the accident that happened after their wedding in which the husband went to jump into a pool and broke his neck and became a quadriplegic. Later in the episode, he had the couple go skydiving and do other fun activities to help uplift their spirits. Although he has a good heart in wanting to help them overcome their challenges, many wonder what the point was of doing certain activities.

Many critics felt that Robbins could have handled the issues that came between the couple better and felt the couple didn’t receive as much valuable information to help improve their situation. Furthermore, Tony Robbins Breakthrough review from multiple critics left many wondering what exactly viewers were supposed to take from the series.

The show has its moments of views and even the couple feeling good about the future once they start on their journey toward improving certain areas in their life but many wonder what exactly the breakthrough is or if it will last in the future. Up through the show appearance there was emphasis put on Robbins background and knowledge in motivational values along with his millionaire status that many felt didn’t help the show grow in status.

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