Tongue Piercing Aftercare

Dealing With A Snake Eyes Piercing

By: - Beauty - August 30, 2011
tongue piercing aftercare dealing with a snake eyes piercing

The current trend among a lot of teenagers that has been around for more than thirty years is that of body piercing.  Its first appearance came in the late 1970’s with the emergence of the punk culture among the young people of the time in England.  This was typified by nose piercings and safety pins through the cheeks.  The ambitions among the younger people who most often seek these piercings are to try to outdo each other with bigger and more daring exhibitionist displays.  A more common kind of piercing nowadays is that of the infamous tongue piercing and so-called snake eyes piercing.   As this trend is not likely to reverse, an important question exists as to the tongue piercing aftercare.

A tongue piercing requires a lengthy period of time to heal again, and given the fact that it is constantly exposed to foods and beverages of varying forms, extra care has to be taken.  Changing jewelry and wearing jewelry that is not conducive to the healing process is not recommended otherwise infection may ensue.  As with snake eyes, which is a ‘barbell’ device that is mounted laterally through the tip of the tongue, the initial seven days following the piercing is crucial.  Clean your mouth out with Oral B or Listerine.  You can dilute the solutions with water if either of these are too caustic on the piercing, but this regimen must be done after each and every meal and every beverage consumed other than simple water.  Don’t be too alarmed by the size of your tongue on the morning after the piercing was made – this is anticipated and the swelling will subside.  In order to facilitate a faster reduction in swelling, placing some crushed ice within your mouth is suggested, but try to refrain from actually sucking on the pieces.  Just let the ice melt naturally.  This regimen should take about ten minutes.  You can keep up with your other oral hygiene matters but do not touch the tongue with a brush or toothpaste, if possible.  This is a huge irritant and could cause some infection problems.  A couple of things to notice about a tongue piercing is the film across the tongue that appears like a yellow color, or tissue immediately around the hole that is white.  These are normal reactions and do not suggest infections or even potential problems.  Finally, ensure that the silver knobs on either end of the piercing are secure and tight.

Snake eyes piercings and tongue piercing aftercare require the same aftercare.  Following these recommendations and seeking the advice of the trained piercing specialists are a must when dealing with piercings that are in the mouth, guaranteed to ensure that your investment in style and self decoration won’t turn out adversely.

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