Toddler Shoe Size Chart - Know Before You Go

Toddler Shoe Size Chart – Know Before You Go

By: - Babies - September 14, 2011
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If you are the parent of a small child who is constantly going through shoes, you may be looking for more information of a toddler shoe size chart. Toddler shoe size is constantly changing it seems and you may buy your child new shoes and in the next few weeks notice they are getting too small. There are many toddler shoe size charts online that you can see, but since not all of us are visual or understand charts and photos, a bit of explanation of the charts may help you understand toddler shoe size a bit better.

The first thing you need to do when measuring for toddler shoe size is to put socks on your child and have them stand on the floor. This should be a tile or hard floor, not carpet for the best results. Make sure they are not curling their toes or you will not get an accurate measurement. You should take a tape measure and place it near the side of the shoe. Run it from the heel to the big toe. Measure both of your toddler’s feet and use whatever measurement is larger as the size. You should also measure in inches and centimeters. If you cannot seem to keep your toddler still enough to measure in that way, it may be quicker to have them stand on a piece of paper and use a pencil to make a line directly behind the heel and a line in front of the toe. Though not as accurate, it can help have a good idea until you can actually try on the shoe.

Toddler shoe size charts come in centimeters as shoes come in European sizes and inches, to cover US sizes. You may also find UK sizes which are different as well.  For instance, if your child’s foot is 5.5”, in the US, that would be a size 7, in Europe a size 23 and in the UK, a size 6. You should always have your child try on their shoes. Even if the size chart says your child would wear a size 7, like clothes, shoes can come in different sizes, even though the actual size number is the same. A size 7 in one brand may be different than a size 7 in another brand.

A final tip when it comes to buying shoes for your toddler is to make sure they are not too snug. You should be able to put your small finger into the instep of the shoe. It should be cozy and tight, but you should easily be able to stick your finger in.