Toddler Bed Rails

Buying The One With Quality

By: - Babies - July 25, 2011
toddler bed rails buying the one with quality

Parents are always concerned about the well-being of their babies and often times wonder if they’ve covered every angle for the safety of their children in the home.  There are many aspects of home safety for your children to consider and one of the most important is that of the infant bed.  From bedding to toddler bed rails, this is a primary area of concern given that you will be sleeping in another room.  Baby monitors do little to mitigate the concern, so let’s take a look at one of the leading causes of deaths or injuries in babies – the toddler bed rails – and why you need to buy toddler bed rails that have been properly designed.

There is no greater need for circumspection when it comes to choosing the right kind of bed for your infant.  Toddler bed rails are one of them.  Many who buy toddler bed rails do so for more than simply being able to lower them to gain easier access to their children.  The biggest reason is for the safety of the child and in the news each night there is always an angle to toddler bed rails that wasn’t considered by the parent prior to purchase so let’s discuss some of those angles now.

First of all, a baby bed that has bed rails on either side of the bed is what you want to have, so that no matter where you are in the room, if you need to get to the child in a hurry, rather than run about to the opposite side with the rail, you have instant access.  A bed made with materials such as plastic or wood is preferred but ensure that it isn’t splintered or cracked in any way.  Failure to see this could mean that your toddler will lean on the rail and it will crack or your baby may break it off and put it in his mouth or eye by mistake.  The vertical trellises that are in the toddler bed rail should be smoothly beveled and have a distance that will prevent your baby’s head from becoming wedged or stuck.  The hinges on either side of the toddler bed rails should me made of a durable material such as metal rather than plastic, as plastic pieces become worn or distorted from prolonged usage.  Worn or distorted hinge material made from plastic could result in the toddler bed rail coming loose and falling down, with the result that your child could climb out of the bed or in worst case scenarios, become injured.  When you buy toddler bed rails, ensure that the material that they are made of, including the pain does not have a lead base content.  This could lead to future health implications for your child and a large mystery as to where the origin came from. As such, these are some of the reasons why you purchase toddler bed rails.  Naturally it is with safety in mind, and there are many safety features for every single element within your home, and the bed for your little one is the most important.  That is why when you get toddler bed rails, you are doing so not just for your peace of mind, but for the life and care for your most important treasure ever: your child.

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