Tickets For Book Of Mormon - Get Tickets For Broadways Hottest Show

Tickets For Book Of Mormon – Get Tickets For Broadway's Hottest Show

By: - Theater - October 25, 2011
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The current hottest tickets in New York are for the Mormon Broadway play called “The Book of Mormon”. This play is certainly not only for Mormon’s, in fact, it was written by the creators of the show “South Park”, so you can expect that it will certainly be a bit racy in its presentation. This Broadway show has won 9 Tony awards including the award for “Best Musical”. Playing at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre in New York City, tickets for Book of Mormon are highly sought after.

If you are looking for tickets to Book of Mormon, your best bet is to look online. One of the first places you should go is This is the official ticket seller for Broadway shows. You can call or buy online for tickets for Book of Mormon. As of this writing, on, the tickets are ranging from $69.00 to $477.00 per ticket. The price is varied as it depends on where you sit and what day and time you see the show. If you are more comfortable calling for tickets, you can order tickets for the show from Telecharge at (800) 432-7250.

Another option you have when looking for tickets for Book of Mormon is to look on another ticket site, such as This website sells tickets for this and other shows but the tickets are sold by individuals who have previously purchased tickets from another source. Sometimes you will be able to get tickets at great prices, other times you will end up paying a lot more. It usually depends on if the show is sold out and where the seats are in the theater. For instance, if a particular show date for Book of Mormon is sold out, but that is the only day you can go, you may have to pay a bit more on or another website than the actual face value.

The final option you have for Book of Mormon tickets is to actually go to the Eugene O’Neill Theatre in New York City. It is located at 230 West 49th Street and is between 8th Ave and Broadway. There is a box office that is open normal business hours as well as before the show if tickets are available. The show runs for 2 hours and 30 minutes and there is a 15 minute intermission. The Book of Mormon is not recommended for children as it does contain some racy language.