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Bringing Back The Tried And True

By: - Shoes - July 14, 2011
thom mcan shoes bringing back the tried and true

Thom McAn shoes are a brand that is found in many Wal-Mart and Kmart stores.  They offer consistent and affordable dressy, athletic and casual type footwear that were once sold in brand retail outlet up until the late 90s.  However, if you want to buy Thom McAn shoes today, you only have to go into your local department store to find them instead of struggling to find the now defunct hundreds of outlets that the company once owned.  However, just because they closed down their retail stores, do not assume that the quality does not exist.  The company is one of the United State’s best known and oldest retailers and have been making high quality shoes for generations.

Thom McAn shoes were first brought out in 1922, with their first store being located in the city of New York.  In those days the brand was advertised to honour Thomas McCann, a famed Scottish golfing expert and world class player.  Five years later and the company had built about three hundred retail stores, with six hundred and fifty of them by the end of 1939.  Its popularity finally peaked to a status that was iconic between the 50s and the 70s.  Their affordability and high quality of leather was renowned.  By 1955, the company had over eight hundred stores within the US, becoming the biggest retail shoemakers in the 70s with over a thousand stores.

As sneakers and running shoes began becoming more popular as a choice for casual shoes in the 80s, the popularity of quality footwear and walking shoes took a turn for the worst.  This not only affected the sales in Thom McAn stores, but many other shoemaking outlets from other companies.  As such, the company refocused its approach to the sports industry, closing about 1 third of its major shopping outlets during the 80s.  Sadly the trend that left quality leather shoes in the cupboard and made way for synthetic alternatives and less conservative shoes meant that during the 90s it became harder and harder to go out and buy Thom McAn shoes in regular stores.  All of its stores were finally closed up in 1992 and eight five of them were taken to convert into their outlets for their casual and sporting shoes sector.  After the closure of its final two hundred stores, the legacy of quality shoemaking in Worcester in Massachusetts came to an end.  Eventually its division called Melville that dealt with the sports footwear was changed to deal with running drug stores and a sub-corporation took its place, being named Footstar.  So, though Thom McAn has come a long way and changed a lot, you can still once again find quality leather shoes for other occasions as the tables have now turned in the footwear industry with more and more people demanding quality shoes.  Though its Footstar brand is still very popular and continues to increase in demand, you can still buy Thom McAn original styles and get decent prices to go with them.

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