Thinkpoint Virus Removal

Urgent Warning!

By: - Software - July 14, 2011
thinkpoint virus removal urgent warning

Why is that you cannot even trust the Internet and emails anymore? Well, it could be in part due to the fact that virus makers are becoming even more skillful at conning us into opening emails, accepting fake programs and blindly convincing us that if we see a company name that we recognize that we will open any emails from them without a second thought.  This has happened recently in regards to Microsoft Security Essentials which has been copied to create a fake alert system.  This alert promises you a free security program called Think Point that is allegedly supposed to make our systems run better.  However, when you open the alleged Thinkpoint virus removal, what you get is more than you anticipated.  So, you should take this review very seriously before you open any emails or download anything that claims that Thinkpoint virus remove software will help you.

Thinkpoint virus removal works falsely by pretending to be from Microsoft when it is not.  Ads claim it to be in the top 5 for virus removal tools, able to rid your computer of any viral infection.  Initially, Thinkpoint virus remove will cause your Windows desktop to malfunction.  It will gradually remove all of your icons, displaying false alert messages, but if you try to attack the malware, your actions merely open another window that displays varied scanners for virus removal, claiming these to be the only means by which you can get proper infection identification.  One of those includes the Thinkpoint virus.  As soon as you execute any of those alleged okay programs for installation on your computer, further annoyances begin.  Your Internet will be blocked.  Your browser will be hijacked.  Your system will malfunction.  Any application that you try to run will also be blocked.  The next message will indicate that your executable file has already been thoroughly compromised, forcing you to not use the free version that you received, but pay for a license for the alleged full version of Think Point.  All of this, including the full version is only a ticket to disaster and a means by which the virus maker has now found not only a way to terrorize computer users, but defraud them out of money so the virus maker can make a living from crashing people’s computers!

If you have already received an email and downloaded the program, but not yet installed it, you will, once you open the files see a start-up introduction type window.  Under no circumstances should you click the ‘safe startup’ icon to allow any installation of the fake Thinkpoint software.  You should immediately restart your Windows and then run an immediate virus scan.  The damage otherwise to your computer if you attempt to let Thinkpoint remove anything will be at a medium level, but nonetheless so damaging that it might disable your computer for a long time and cause you to have to pay for special help to fix it.

Your computer is most at risk if you run the following operating systems:

  • Windows 7
  • Vista (any level)
  • XP (any level)
  • Windows 9x

If for some reason your system has already been compromised, you should do a forced shutdown by unplugging your power supply.  Your computer can be restarted and rebooted after 60 seconds of no power.  This should disable the Thinkpoint virus removal software long enough to open your browser and download a program called Malwarebytes, which you should save to your desktop immediately.  You should install this program in default mode, checking the updates and launch prompts for the program before clicking finish.  At that point, Malwarebytes will run independently, asking you to update prior to scanning.  Do a full system scan right after the updates have been received.  Check the results after the scan and ensure that any viruses, including the so-called Thinkpoint virus remove virus are highlighted by clicking only once on them and then click immediately on the ‘remove selected’ icon.  Once this has been done, reboot your computer.  However, if you want to be sure that you cannot be duped again, you must avoid opening or downloading anything that you are not completely familiar with and have not run checks on elsewhere on the Internet.  You are well advised to download a working copy of Malwarebytes and your current anti-virus software onto a separate disk and USB flash drive.  The reason for this is that if you cannot get your anti-virus and detection programs working after suffering an infection, you can dupe the virus or infection by running your anti-virus and detection software from your external sources.  By the time any virus or infection detects a virus or malware scan, it is too late and you should be able to regain control.  One final suggestion – if you have to run such software from external sources, you may well be best advised to turn off your Internet source to avoid the infection making contact with the virus maker source and thus avoid any further interference, even hacking during the clean-up process.

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