Thierry Rabotin Shoes

The Birth Of Comfort

By: - Shoes - July 14, 2011
thierry rabotin shoes the birth of comfort

Thierry Rabotin shoes began from the mind of the designer whose childhood memories inspired him to become a master shoemaker and replace the once discomfort that he felt with shoes of his day.  When you buy Thierry Rabotin shoes the reality of comfort and effortless levels of walking in shoes becomes apparent.  Started in the late 70s, Thierry Rabotin developed his footwear after leaving his French village to design knitwear, kids’ wear and women’s wear.  His inspirations and memories about long walk near his village in uncomfortable shoes has brought about one of the best quality shoes selections the world has ever seen.

Thierry Rabotin shoes use a strategic level of creation that are lovingly designed to produce models that have been considered for every aspect of use.  Comfort and support are combined using modern technologies to assure that the old traditions and new comfort concepts found in some of the oldest shoemaking areas of Europe are now to be found across almost all of the world’s continents.  Outlets can be found for retail purchases so you can buy Thierry Rabotin shoes in:

Luxembourg< Turkey Ukraine Netherlands Greece Canada United Kingdom New Zealand Norway USA Portugal Ireland China Israel Croatia Italy Czechia Russia Japan Denmark Varied traditional and ancient methods of shoemaking, including the sacchetto version are used to produce the Thierry Rabotin shoes that allow your feet to be adapted to and not your feet to adapt to them.  This is further accentuated by an inner lining of fully grained leather nappa, which is like a sac that runs right up from the sole to the upper interior edges.  It ensure complete comfort with rigid shankpiece and insole components that are lightweight, but extremely durable.  By using materials that keep their volume over years and miles of walking and hard impact exercise, the shock absorbancy is guaranteed.  Even the glues used are water-soluble, meaning that no harmful vapours are absorbed into the skin or the atmosphere, making them very environmentally friendly.  Most importantly, when you buy Thierry Rabotin shoes, you may not find as many high heels, but you will get handmade workmanship which has been proven over thousands of years to produce the world’s best and most well-made shoes.  Best of all, their prices are appropriate and affordable.

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