The Herb Garden Germination - Start Growing Herbs

The Herb Garden Germination – Start Growing Herbs

By: - Gardening - August 31, 2011
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Before beginning your herb garden, if you are growing from seeds, you may need to help your efforts along with the herb garden germination. Though some herbs can be grown by just planting seeds in the ground, most of herb gardens can benefit from the herb garden germination that many avid gardeners undertake before planting their gardens. Depending on the herb, you can germinate them in small growing pots or even, believe it or not, on wet paper towels.

Germinating herbs on wet paper towels is easy and effective. You simply fold a paper towel in half and wet the paper towel completely. Lay it in a warm place, lay your herb seeds on the towel and fold it over again.  Put the wet paper towel in a plastic baggy that can be closed completely and leave for a few days.  Check after three days.  If your seeds have germinated, plant them in your designated area. If not, give them a few more days and plant when they germinate.

Once the herb garden germination step is complete and you have planted your germinated seeds, you will surely be excited for it to grow, but there are things to look out for, like pests. One pest that can attack your herbs is called the tomato hornworm. Tomato hornworms are found on plants like tomatoes, potatoes and herbs like basil. Knowing the best way to carry out tomato hornworm control can save your crop.

These worms are large and easy to see, so tomato hornworm control can be as easy as picking them off your plants by hand. Throw the worms in a bucket of soapy water which is effective in killing them. Tomato hornworm control can also be done with mild pesticides, however if you use pesticides, make sure your herbs are washed extremely well before using them in foods. If you want an all-natural, non-chemical way to get rid of the tomato hornworm, go around your yard or home looking for ladybugs.  The lady bugs eat the hornworm larvae but will leave your herbs alone.

Having an herb garden can be an enjoyable experience. You will feel a sense of accomplishment, grow delicious herbs that can enhance your foods and have a good, healthy hobby. Learning tricks from germinating seeds to fighting pests will make growing herbs that much easier and more pleasant. It is certainly no fun fighting with tomato hornworms, but as you see, they are easily controlled, especially if you enlist some local ladybugs to help!