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Wildly Popular & Budget-Friendly

By: - Recreation & Sports - July 3, 2011
tgm skateboards wildly popular budget friendly

Today’s skateboarder has more options than ever when it comes to buying a board. One of the retailers that’s been on the scene for more than 10 years is Michigan-based TGM Skateboards. Founded by Steve Kynaston, it was originally a brick-and-mortar skateboard shop that expanded into a successful internet shop, selling much of its inventory on eBay. TGM Skateboards does not just sell skateboards – They design their own boards, as well. As a small business with just 22 workers, they manage to compete successfully against larger brands through high quality, budget prices and excellent customer service. They are one of the largest skateboard shops in the Midwestern United States, if not the largest, and they sell a high volume of skateboards online as well. At prices comparable to those found at large retailers, a TGM skateboard provides better quality than what can be purchased from many other companies.

TGM Skateboards has had so much success that the company was able to acquire competitor Keystone Skate Supply, resulting in dramatic growth for the TGM company. This acquisition allows TGM to have a far larger distribution reach. A larger building was recently purchased out of necessity, to accommodate the quickly expanding operation.

Because TGM Skateboards sells such a great volume of skateboards, they are able to get massive discounts from manufacturers and pass the savings on to customers. A TGM skateboard can be purchased for a fraction of the price of other boards of similar quality. For someone on an extremely tight budget, or who likes to fully customize their skateboard, blank decks can be purchased that are made of 100% Rock Hard Canadian Maple. These stand head and shoulders above blank decks from other companies which are made of low quality wood.

The online “board builder” application allows the customer to fully customize their TGM skateboard by choosing the bearings, griptape, hardware, risers and assembly they prefer. Their name brand completes, if you prefer a readymade board, are only $79.99 – a fantastic value. Bargain basement and blank completes start at rock-bottom prices: Just $49.99. Whether buying a blank deck or a complete, you won’t do better than the prices and quality at TGM. Don’t forget that they also sell any equipment you might need, such as shoes or gloves, too. Your TGM order will have you ready to hit the street or skate park in no time, all without breaking the bank.

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