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By: - Food & Beverage - August 2, 2011
tgi fridays locations restaurant classics

What is the first thing that a majority of working people the world over say to themselves or loudly exclaim as they leave school, work or the home for a night of fun, food, beverages and friends?  They all say at some point ‘Thank God it’s Friday!’  Believe it or not, a perfect location for such a sentiment has been created and now stands ready to answer the demanding call for good times, great food and value.  Ironically enough, it is aptly named the iconic salute to the end of a working week, TGI Friday.  That’s right, there is are TGI locations everywhere for your Friday evening appetite with plenty of tasty beverages from the award winning bar to wash the last bite away.

Log onto the TGI Friday website where you will find a wide range of menu items featuring unforgettable meals that you can taste before even leaving your home or office.  With an emphasis on delicious beverages from domestic beer, imported beer and margeuitas to suit your taste, T.G.I. Friday locations are a guarantee for good selection in drinks to inspire the relaxation and sense of fun into your Friday evening style.  Its feature meals are always a must during your evening out with the rest of the gang but what makes it so great is that it delivers nutrition in a low fat, low carbohydrate meal.

TGI Fridays locations are specifically designed to provide the party atmosphere to accompany the great drink and meal menus for the Friday evening crowd.  A large sign on the outside of the building makes the liberating and fun inspired message that inside, every night is a Friday.  T.G.I. Fridays locations offer a unique party environment with great music, great lighting, lots of room for the crazy dance-until-you-drop crowd and a long bar to lean against and enjoy the festivities.

TGI Fridays locations everywhere groom and prepare their own bartenders for the international bartender competition.  The T.G.I. Friday location in Englands international city of London was the recipient of best bartender of the year award and holds the largest record for profit in the franchise history and for good reason.  Just like TGI Fidays locations everywhere else in the world, the pride that is demonstrated in the fine foods and the party atmosphere with the most dedicated party minded staff is a guarantee that the logo to which T.G. I. Fridays locations stands behind that every night is a Friday night, made especially for you.

So do you want to just go home on a Friday and chill out or do you want to come out and find the real action?  Where will you go to find that action?  You’ll go to where the only action could possibly be with the right feel made just for you with a drink of your choice always at the ready… TGI Fridays.

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